America Failing Everywhere Bad Economy, Losing Afghanistan, Bad Image

Few Years ago United States of America was indeed most Powerful Country of the World. It was having World 's Best Economy and a great Image all over the Globe. But American Policies in last one decade has destroyed it everywhere. Today its Economy is going down, its Losing the Afghan War and its Image Worldwide specially in Muslim World is Terrible.

US is going through the Worst Economic Recession of its history. The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are also effecting its Economy. After One decade of Invading the Afghanistan Us failed to get its Objectives. Taliban as powerful as they where in the past. Illegal Attack on Iraq by lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction is another cause which taken down US. US War Crimes, Drone Attacks, Civilian Killings, Incidents Like Quran Burning, Supporting Israel, Invading One Muslim Country after another are also proving Dangerous for United States. Obama came with the slogan of change but instead of bringing change he has made the Situation more worse.