Burqa Is Not Allowed In France But Nudity Is

Implementation on Ban of Burqa started Earlier this week in France after which no Women is allowed to come on roads by wearing a Burqa Otherwise she will be arrested and fined. over 100 women are arrested and fined so far for wearing the Burqa is last few days. Many Women said that they will continue to wear Burqa no matter how many times they are arrested or Fined. Many of these Women are converted Muslims.

Although Burqa is banned in France but do you know Nudity is still not banned in France. A Video is available on different site where a Naked French man is showed running on roads of French Capital who trying to cut a figure as a pole vaulter. You can also wear Bikini and short cloths in France but you can't wear a Burqa.  So Will you call it Double Standards and hatred towards Muslims or not???