Can You Become Rich By Blogging?

Blogging is becoming very common these days because its a simple way of Making money online. You not need investment or any degree to do blogging. You simply has to choose a topic then get a blog to start writing on that topic.  Many people are even choosing blogging as their Career by leaving day Jobs and Studies. But this question is often raised by some people that how much can we earn from blogging? can we become rich by blogging? can we earn more than regular Jobs by blogging??  My answer to all these questions is yes as well as no.

You will be amazed why i am giving two answers Yes as well no?? The reason for this is that many Bloggers becomes successful while many fails. Some Bloggers becomes too much successful that they earns millions of dollars by blogging. Some becomes fails and can't even earn 5 Dollars a day. The success in blogging depends on many factors such as hard work, marketing and luck.  You will have to work hard in blogging by writing quality real content by keeping patience. then you will have to do right marketing of your blog. Luck is also important in blogging. So the Summary is that you can become rich by blogging but it all depends on how you do blogging? and how lucky you are?