Hindu Boys Targets Kashmiri Girls Hostel In Celebration of Semi Final Win

India won Semi Final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2010 against Pakistan by 29 runs on Wednesday to enter the Final. After the Win Most of Indian Public Celebrated the victory.  Most of Muslims In Indian Occupied Kashmir where supporting Pakistani Team in this Semi Final and they also got disappointed like Pakistanis due to losing the match. According to report of Front Line Kashmir after India's win in Semi Final the Hindu Students of SKUAST-J University the Hindu Students attacked a Girls Hostel and harressed the girls.

According to report many Hindu Students crossed their limits and  harressed the girls who where not able to do anything in response. Incidents of Harresment of rapes by Hindu Extremists and Indian Army are very common in Occupied Kashmir. Few weeks ago two Indian soldiers where caught by Kashmiri Public who where trying to rape a Kashmiri Girl. Kashmiri Public Naked those Soldiers and smeared dirt on their faces.