Successful Experiment of Anti-Aircraft Missile System By Iran

It looks like that Iran is working rapidly to Strengthen its Defence and one proof of it is more and more Experiments of different Missiles by Iran in a very short period of time. One of the main purpose of it is getting ready for a possible war with Israel or United States. According to Press TV Report on Saturday Iran has done a successful experiment of Anti-Aircraft Missile System called Sayyad-2.

Sayyad-2 is much better than Sayyad-1 Anti-Aircraft Missile System of Iran. Sayyad-2 has capability of targeting Aircrafts and it can take 200 KG Warhead with itself. Its speed is also very high 1200 Meters a second. Israeli and United States keeps on threatening Iran for a war if it not stopped its Nuclear Program. Iran is making itself ready for any possible War in near future.