Time to Save the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

This Peoples Party Government is going to end  Higher Education Commission which will completely destroy
Education System of Pakistan. Its time to save the HEC otherwise our future will become darker.

Dr M. ziaulislam
good step...why waste money on education..this should be spent to help the PPP poor workers who are living in poorety give them food and water..in turn education has no benefit to a country

Plus i don't agree but apparently this is what our PM is thinking.

Actually PM want us all to get JAALI/FAKE degree...and soon they are going to provide us too...
so that's in his mind.

If HEC is destroyed - it will pave way for corrupt , politicians to only limit schools to their own children ..
HEC is what promises equal education and same standard to poor and rich , regardless of your province ...
Shame on govt!

Its a night mare for those, who are outside for their PH.D's
Plus it will also affect the Subsidies, government is giving to the government INSTITUTIONS ! and non profit institutions !

Dr M. ziaulislam
ironically i told me friends back in 2008 that HEC is going to sink..i mean which idiot politician will allow 60 billion rupees in education why not another benzair income program. i am surprised how did it survived for 3 years !!!!