Ramadan in Pakistan Photos

Just one month is left in Holy Month of Ramadan this year. Billions of Muslims around the world are waiting for blessed month of Ramadan to arrive with lot of excitement. Here i have brought some Interesting photos of previous Ramadans in Pakistan.

Pakistani Facebook Users Specially Women Must Read This

Social Networking Websites are reaching a new level of Popularity On Internet in last year as millions of people are joining these Social networking websites every month specially Facebook and Twitter . Users Of Facebook are also increasing in Pakistan.  Millions of Males and Females from Pakistan are using Facebook today. Many of these people also shares their personal information like Address, Photos, Mobile No. on their Facebook Accounts.

But not much people now how much dangers they can face for sharing such personal things on Facebook. For Example there are many Websites out there which picks up Photos of Girls from Facebook Profiles. So if you are a Girl and keeping your Photos in your Facebook Account there are many websites which can pick them up. According to different media reports Different Intelligence Agencies are also using Facebook for spying.  So everyone needs to understand Importance of Privacy on Facebook specially if you are a female. To Improve Your Facebook Privacy change Privacy Settings From your Facebook account.

Facebook Reaches To 750 million users

The social network Facebook has reached the number of 750 million active users worldwide, according to data leaked on the Internet and that were published on Friday by CNET's website.

Pakistan Army Spokesman Major General Athar Abbas Photos

Following are Pakistan Army Spokesman Major General Athar Abbas Photos.

Different Kinds of Pakistani Mangoes With Photos

Mango is one of the most popular Fruit in whole World. I don't think there would be any country in the world where this tasty Fruit is not eaten. Pakistan is one of the top country in the Production of mangoes. Its Mangoes are popular all around the World for its amazing taste.  Different Kinds of Mangoes like Chaunsa, Langra, Sindhri  are grown in Pakistan. Following are some Kinds of Pakistani Mangoes with Photos.

Israel Planning To Stop New Gaza Aid Flotilla

You must have remembered last year when Israel stopped a Gaza Aid Flotilla and killed several activists that where present on that  Flotilla and arrested others. Now in June 2011 another Aid Flotilla is heading towards Gaza and Israel is once against planning to do attack this Flotilla.

10 Most Popular Computer Games in Pakistan

Just like whole world People of Pakistan also loves to play Computer Games specially Kids and Youth. Play Stations are not very popular in Pakistan so most of the people plays games on their Desktop and Laptop Computers. But do you which are 10 Most popular Computer Games that are played in Pakistan. If you don't know here is the list of those games.

Funny Cricket Photos

Following We present Funny Cricket Incidents Photos.

5 things to consider when you travel

Holiday season approaches and a we have prepared a series of recommendations. Learn simple tips that can make your trip a smooth evening of pleasure.

Pakistan Army Supports Commission For Saleem Shahzad Case

A Famous Pakistani Journalists Saleem Shahzad was murdered few weeks back near Islamabad and from that day some elements are blaming Pakistan Army and ISI for this murder. Indian media has also got a chance to do propaganda once again against Pakistan Army.  ISI has completely denied its Involved in this Murder.

Real Face of Asma Jahangir Exposed

You See This Women Asma Jahangir Criticizing Pakistan Arm Forces and ISI All the time. You also see him talking about Human Rights and rights of Minorities.

Lunar Eclipse 2011 Photos

Here are Lunar Eclipse 2011 Photos from around the world.

Why does the moon turn red during an eclipse?

Lunar eclipses always occur during a full moon . In eclipse, the Earth illuminated by the sun, creates a long shadow cone shape that covers the satellite. This known known as the threshold. A total lunar eclipse occurs when it passes completely within the threshold.

Toyota full production is expected to recover in 3 months

The Japanese auto maker said production was recovering more quickly than expected after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11. Eight of the 12 Toyota models assembled in North America who returned to full production on June 6.

Most Corrupt and Most Honest Politicians of Pakistan

As we all know that most of Pakistani Politicians are corrupt and we keep on listening about their corruption and other scandals.  We also have a small number of honest Politician which never got involved in any Corruption or Illegal Activities. Following are most Corrupt and most honest Politicians of Pakistan according to me.

I Read Holy Quran Everyday: Former British PM Tony Blair

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who played a major role in starting the Iraq War has said that i read Holy Quran Everyday. Tony Blair Came closer to religion after he resigned as  British Prime Minister Several years back.

Facebook may be worth more than $ 100 billion

Social network Facebook will probably request for initial public offering (IPO) between October and November, CNBC reported on Monday. The operation can evaluate the site to be worth more than $ 100 billion, according to the channel.

Yemen President Saleh Is Suffering From Throat Problem

A Yemeni official said on Tuesday in the Saudi capital Jeddah that President Ali Abdullah Saleh suffers from a throat ailment, although his general condition is stable.

Imran Khan PTI Dharna,s Photos

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI whose Chairman is Imran khan has done Sevral Dharna,s till now against US Drone Attacks. Following are Pictures of these Dharna,s.

Pakistani Internet Users Growing But Local Content Not

Use of Internet is growing massively in Pakistan as more and more people are getting Broadband and Mobile Internet Connections. Many Internet Provider Companies have came into Competition due to which high speed internet is available at low rates. Its a good news that Pakistani Internet users are growing but bad news is that Local content specially in Urdu is not growing much.

One Decade Gone But No Signs of Victory in Afghanistan For US ans Allies

United States and Its allies Attacked Afghanistan after 9/11 in 2001 and now September of 2011 is coming closer but still there are no signs of Victory for Foreign Forces in Afghanistan after 10 years.

America Is After Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan: Iranian President Ahmadinejad

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that United States is After Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan and wants to destroy its Nuclear technology.  Iranian President done a press conference earlier this week in which he talked about different world issues but his most important statement was about Pakistan's Nuclear arms.

Indian City Hyderabad Deccan Photos

Here are Hyderabad Deccan Photos wallpapers which is a Muslim populated historic Indian city.

Shahid Afridi Asks Zardari To Intervene in Pakistani Cricket Issues

Former Pakistani Cricket Team Captain Shahid Khan Afridi has asked Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari to Intervene in Cricket Issues of Pakistan to save Cricket in the country.

No Operation Starting In North Waziristan: Pakistan Army General

A Pakistani Army General Asif Yasin Malik said on Wednesday while talking to media that no operation is going to start in  North Waziristan on American Pressure. General Asif Yasin  condemned this  Media hype that Pakistan Army is going to start a big operation in  North Waziristan on demand of US.

Over a 100 Afghan Civilians Killed in Nato Air Strike

Its seems like that Nato Forces are showing their anger of defeat from Taliban on Civilian Population of Afghanistan. In 2011 hundreds of Afghan Civilians are killed in Air Strikes in Nato Forces in different Afghan provinces. These Incidents are increasing Taliban support and creating more problems for foreign forces.

Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi Career in Photos

Following is Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi Career in Photos. He started his Cricket Career at age of 16 in 1996.

General Hameed Gul First Interview To Indian TV Channel

Here is Former ISI Chief General Hameed Gul First Interview To any Indian TV Channel.