5 things to consider when you travel

Holiday season approaches and a we have prepared a series of recommendations. Learn simple tips that can make your trip a smooth evening of pleasure.

1) Travelling by road involves reviewing impel the toolbox as the triangle, cat and levers, flashlight, screwdriver (for striatum and shovel). Do not forget a pair of pliers and an adjustable wrench. If you have room bring a game of dice and a roll.

2) Other accessories must equip a belt or several, some cars use three belts (belt service).

3) Other implements that must not fail in the trunk on short trips or long, is a bottle league brake, engine oil, coolant or a bottle of distilled water (the same used for the battery).

4) Do not forget all the documentation you may be asked the authorities if you are stopped on the road as the existing liability insurance, license and medical certificate papers of the car.

5) Cash is important to take it, sometimes it is difficult to find ATMs.