Pakistani Facebook Users Specially Women Must Read This

Social Networking Websites are reaching a new level of Popularity On Internet in last year as millions of people are joining these Social networking websites every month specially Facebook and Twitter . Users Of Facebook are also increasing in Pakistan.  Millions of Males and Females from Pakistan are using Facebook today. Many of these people also shares their personal information like Address, Photos, Mobile No. on their Facebook Accounts.

But not much people now how much dangers they can face for sharing such personal things on Facebook. For Example there are many Websites out there which picks up Photos of Girls from Facebook Profiles. So if you are a Girl and keeping your Photos in your Facebook Account there are many websites which can pick them up. According to different media reports Different Intelligence Agencies are also using Facebook for spying.  So everyone needs to understand Importance of Privacy on Facebook specially if you are a female. To Improve Your Facebook Privacy change Privacy Settings From your Facebook account.