Hindu Extremists Involved In Recent Mumbai Blasts: Digvijay Singh

Have You Noticed This Time Indian Media and Government Officials are not blaming Pakistan for Mumbai Blasts which they usually do after any Incident in India. However India’s Congress leader Digvijay Singh has disclosed that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an extremist Hindu terror outfit was “making bomb factories” and demanded that role of all kinds of terror groups, including Hindu outfits, should be probed in connection with the Mumbai serial blasts.

“I have been saying that RSS was spreading terrorism in the country and it has been making bomb factories,” Singh told reporters.

When asked about his statement yesterday not ruling out involvement of RSS in the Mumbai blasts, he said, “I only said that role of all kinds of terrorist organisations, including Hindu terror outfits, should be probed.”

The Congress general secretary had courted controversy yesterday when he said that he does not rule out the involvement of Sangh in Mumbai serial blasts, evoking criticism and condemnation from BJP.

“I do not rule out anything. If they want evidence about Sangh’s involvement in terror activity, I have got evidence. But not in this case,” Singh had told the media.

Reacting sharply to the Congress leader’s comments, the BJP termed them as “disgusting and objectionable” and sought an apology from Congress president Sonia Gandhi for what Singh had said.

To a question about his interest in Madhya Pradesh politics and whether he will contest an election from here, Singh today said that since he had taken an oath of not contesting polls, he would stick to it and focus on party work. So It Look Like that "Daal Mai Kuch Kala Hai".