Pakistani Youth Getting Addicted To Mobiles and Internet

Its the age of Science and Technology. Today use of Mobile Phone, Computer, Tablet Devices and Internet is growing rapidly all over the Globe.  Same is the Situation in My Country Pakistan.  Use of Mobile as well as Internet is growing Rapidly in Towns and Cities of Pakistan. More and More Pakistani Youth is getting addicted to use of Mobile Phones and Internet.

The bad thing is that instead of using Mobiles and Internet for good purposes most of the Youngsters are using them for wrong activities or wasting their times by using Mobiles and Internet for hours mostly in Nights.  A large population of Youth uses Internet for chatting and other useless activities likes this instead of using it to get Knowledge. Cheap Calls and SMS Packages for Mobile Phones are also becoming cause of wastage of time and wrong activities in Pakistan Youth. I am not saying that we should not use Internet and Mobile Phone but we should try to use them for good purposes which unfortunately most of us are not doing.