United States Is abusing Afghans in Secret Jails

According to Report of Iranian TV Channel Press TV a United Nation inquiry says inmates are routinely forced to take off their clothes in secret CIA detention facilities in Afghanistan.

The report also says many prisoners are denied access to lawyers and deprived of the right to visit their relatives.

The developments come as a well-known Afghan prisoner named Shir Khan has said Washington still runs secret jails in Afghanistan despite US President Barack Obama's claim to the contrary.

Shir Khan says inmates are blindfolded, hanged from the ceiling and dogs are unleashed on them during interrogation.

Several reports have confirmed that American prison guards have mistreated Afghan detainees held at the notorious US-run Bagram prison camp and airbase in Afghanistan.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said in May 2010 that it had been informed of the names of several detainees held in the secret prison in Afghanistan.

A number of former inmates of the main US military base at Bagram say they were abused and isolated during detention there.

Human rights groups say Bagram has remained a US torture center since the toppling of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan nine years ago.

US officials claim that all inmates in the facility are treated humanely. US is also found involved in War Crimes in Afghanistan in Iraq in past years.