War Between Pakistani and Indian Hackers Always Remains On

India and Pakistan are two Countries which are enemies of each from first day of Independence 14th August 1947. Both Countries Always blames each other for different things and both have also fought several wars on different Issues. When they play Cricket it also not remains Sports but turns into a war.  But do you know Pakistan and India are at war even on Internet.  Hackers from both India and Pakistan keeps on attacking Websites of each other Countries.

Hackers of both sides tries to Hack Important and Popular Websites of opponent Countries. Until now Famous Indian Websites that are hacked by Pakistani Hackers are CBI, BSNL, Manmohan Singh Site. On other hand Indian Hacker where successful able to hack sites like Pakistan Petroleum, Defence.Pk, University of Punjab Websites. This war is still and there don't seems any end to it.