Its Time To Help Sindh Flood Victims

Like the last year's devastating floods Pakistan has been hit by massive floods this year again due to massive rains in province of Sindh. although this year's flood is not as big as it was last year but still it is affecting millions of people.  hundreds are died till now and millions are displaced after losing their homes.  Last year Pakistanis came out to help their brothers and sisters in need and contributed money, food, clothes and things of need.

Its time for Pakistanis to once again help their Sindhi brothers who are looking for our help.  Try to give Money, food, clothes and other things of need in aid. Some of the good organizations through which you can send these things to flood victims are following.

Pakistan Army
Jamaat Ud Dawa
Imran Khan
Jamaat E Islami

I am recommending these organizations because they have a good history of helping people in natural disasters.