Occupy Wall Street In Photos

Here are Pics of Occupy Wall Street Movement of New York.

American Muslims Supporting Occupy Wall Street

Large No. of American Population is on roads these days to protest against Poverty, Unemployment and Capitalism.  Many Americans are also doing protest in-front of American Financial Hub Wall Street which is named as Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Animals Bakra, Cows For Eid Qurbani In Pakistan Photos

Here are some of the Animals like Cows and Goats For Eid Qurbani In Pakistan Photos.

Famous Pakistani Comedians

Following are top Famous Pakistani Comedians Photos.

Sohail Ahmed

Unethical Sites Must Be Banned In Pakistan By PTA

If Internet Can be used for so many good purposes then its also true that it can also be used for many wrong activities and sad thing is that it is indeed used for many wrong activities in Pakistan.  Large No. of Pakistani Youth is using Internet today and bitter truth is that most of them are doing misuse of it.  Many uses Internet just to see Unethical Sites.

Zaka Ashraf New PCB Chief, Is Afridi Coming Back In Team Now?

Finally three years controversial tenure of Ijaz Butt as Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) chairman is over and President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has appointed a famous Businessman and Chairman of ZTBL Zaka Ashraf as new Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board.  During three years of Ijaz Butt Pakistani Cricket seen many ups and downs.  Attack On Sri Lankan Cricket Team, Spot Fixing Scandal, Changing too many Captains where some of the bad things happened in Ijaz Butt Tenure.

Pakistani Celebrities That Are Using Twitter

Twitter is a very popular Social Networking Website which has reached a newer level of popularity in last 2 years. These days every Celebrity is using Twitter to get connected to their fans. Many Pakistani Famous Personalities are also using Twitter whom you can connect easily on Twitter. So Following are some of these famous Pakistanis that are using Twitter.

Bahria Town Photos

Following are Photos of Bahria Town an amazing housing Society to live in.

Whole Pakistan Should Be Like Bahria Town

I Recently got a chance to stay for few days in famous housing Society Bahria Town Lahore and i was really amazed to see the environment and Facilities in the Bahria Town.  There was no broken street or any dirt on those streets. Houses where beautifully built. Security System of Bahria Town is amazing due to which Crime rate is almost zero.