Cricket To Politics Corruption Everywhere in Pakistan

If we say that Pakistan is facing toughest time of its history then it will not be wrong.  There are several reasons of present Pakistan's situation and one of them is Corruption. Usually we hear on media that Pakistani Politicians are corrupt but the fact is that we as a nation are corrupt. All of us are corrupt.

Just see around how we are doing businesses, how we get jobs, how we do illegal works by paying bribe? in short whole of our Society is corrupt.  Nothing will change if we remove Mr 10% Zardari from Presidency of Pakistan until each one of us  change ourselves.

Recently three Pakistani Cricketers where found involved in Cricket Corruption which shocked the whole Pakistani Nation but i don't understand why we are so shocked? are these Players not part of our Society???  These players done the same what whole society around them was doing.  We are a nation who even sells their votes for 1000 to 5000 Rs? then how we can get a leadership that is free of Corruption???  So we need to change ourselves first only then we will be able to change situation of our Country.