Ron Paul The Man Which Can Really Bring Change in US

Present American President Barack Obama came into power with the slogan of bringing change in Internal and external policies of United States and world was also very hopeful that he will bring change but after 3 years we found that he has failed to bring any change and in some matters he has even crossed former President Bush.

Next US Presidential Elections will take place in 2012. Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Ron Paul are the main Candidates for 2012 Elections. If you closely monitor these Candidates most of them are almost similar except one that is Ron Paul. I listened this man a few times and after listening him i can say for sure that he is the man who can really bring change in US. His views about financial reforms, Foreign policy and other issues really makes sense. If you listen to other Candidates they are very much similar in their views.  Check this Video of Dr Ron Paul.