PTI Imran Khan Karachi Jalsa Photos

Following are PTI Imran Khan Karachi Jalsa Photos that was held at Mazar E Quaid.

Important Events In Pakistan During 2011

Another Year full of big events in Pakistan and World is going towards its end in few days. During 2011 World seen many big events like Uprisings, Natural Disasters, Deaths of Big Personalities and many more. Pakistan also seen many big events in 2011. some where good while some where bad. Some of these events became a headline in whole world. So Following is the list of Important events that taken place in Pakistan 2011.

Politician Imran Khan Family and Personal Photos

Former Pakistani Cricketer and Present Politician Imran Khan Family and Personal Photos Collection.

A Poem About Fall of Dhaka 1971 Which Makes Me Cry Every time

A heart touching Poem About Fall of Dhaka 1971 Which Makes Me Cry Every time i listen to this Urdu Poem.

Foreign Policy of Pakistan Is Changing Now

During last ten years Pakistan has faced destruction for fighting American war which became a cause of terrorism inside Pakistan. Pakistan faced loss of at least $60 Billion in this war. 35000 Pakistani Citizens and 5000 Pakistani Soldiers also died in this war. This war also destroyed economy and Image of Pakistan in the world. Pakistan was providing its bases to US Forces. Nato Supply Line was also going from Pakistan to Afghanistan during this war.

In last ten years American only provided $20 Billion to Pakistan in Aid about which we often hear in US Media.  Pakistan also faced American drone attacks which killed hundreds of Civilians in Pakistani Tribal areas.  America also continued to blame Pakistan for double game in Afghanistan during these years.

Now its seems like that a Nato Attack on Pakistani Soldiers that killed 24 Pakistani Soldiers few weeks back proved to be a turning point in Pakistan's Foreign Policy.  After this attack Pakistan has stopped Nato Supply to Afghanistan, taken back its Shamsi Airbase from US. After this incident American drone attacks on Pakistan are also stopped. Pakistani officials are talking about making a new independent foreign policy.  People of Pakistan which where already very angry towards American policies are appreciating these steps by Pakistani Officials.

Pakistanis Angry Over Veena Malik Photo Scandal

Actress Veena Malik has once again done a work due to which every Pakistani Citizen is feeling shame and is angry on her act. Veena Malik has posed in a Indian Magazine without clothes with ISI written on her arm and a hand grenade in her mouth. Last year Veena Malik done bad scenes in a Indian TV Show after which she was criticized strongly by Pakistani public but this time she has crossed all her limits.

Get Hundreds of Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers

I know many of you came to this page searching for the Mobile Numbers of Pakistani Girls through Google Search but i am sorry to say that you will not find Cell No. of any Girl here instead i have created this post to talk about a very important issue.  As i said it many times in my blog posts that Internet is a service that has many good as well as many bad uses.

it depends on the user how the user uses it?  i am very sad to say that many Pakistanis are also doing misuse of Internet.  One of the misuse of Internet that is done these days by Pakistanis is posting Mobile Numbers of Girls online.

There are many Websites online that are posting Mobile Numbers of Girls online and there is no one to stop them.  The sad fact is that such websites are also visited by many people. My Question to those people who posts Numbers of Girls online is that would you like it if someone else posts Mobile Number of your sister or wife online? Definitely most of you will not like it.

Then how such people are posting Mobile Numbers of other girls online? So all of us should not visit such websites. We also need to report such websites to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Chauburji In Photos

Beautiful building of Lahore Chauburji Photos.

Massive Anger In Pakistan Against Nato and US

Last Week Helicopters of Nato Forces Violated Pakistani Airspace from Afghan Border and attacked a Pakistani Checkpoint in Tribal areas which killed 24 Pakistani Soldiers including 2 Officers. This checkpoint was created by Pakistan Army to stop the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan Militants from crossing the border. After the Nato Attack Pakistan Immediately closed down Nato Supply Line to Afghanistan and also asked US to leave its Shamsi Airbase which is used allegedly for drone attacks in Pakistani tribal areas.

Amazing Spirit of Pakistan Army Hawaldar Mumtaz Shaheed's relatives

See the Amazing Spirit of Pakistan Army Hawaldar Mumtaz Shaheed's relatives who was martyred in Nato Airstrike inside Pakistani borders which martyred 24 Pakistani Soldiers including Hawaldar Mumtaz Shaheed.

Names of 24 Pakistani Soldiers Which Martyred In Nato Airstrike

We are sharing Names of all the 24 Pakistani Soldiers among whom 2 where officers Which Martyred In Nato Airstrike on Pakistani Tribal areas last week. After the attack Pakistan closed down the Nato Supply and also asked US to leave its Shamsi Airbase.