Foreign Policy of Pakistan Is Changing Now

During last ten years Pakistan has faced destruction for fighting American war which became a cause of terrorism inside Pakistan. Pakistan faced loss of at least $60 Billion in this war. 35000 Pakistani Citizens and 5000 Pakistani Soldiers also died in this war. This war also destroyed economy and Image of Pakistan in the world. Pakistan was providing its bases to US Forces. Nato Supply Line was also going from Pakistan to Afghanistan during this war.

In last ten years American only provided $20 Billion to Pakistan in Aid about which we often hear in US Media.  Pakistan also faced American drone attacks which killed hundreds of Civilians in Pakistani Tribal areas.  America also continued to blame Pakistan for double game in Afghanistan during these years.

Now its seems like that a Nato Attack on Pakistani Soldiers that killed 24 Pakistani Soldiers few weeks back proved to be a turning point in Pakistan's Foreign Policy.  After this attack Pakistan has stopped Nato Supply to Afghanistan, taken back its Shamsi Airbase from US. After this incident American drone attacks on Pakistan are also stopped. Pakistani officials are talking about making a new independent foreign policy.  People of Pakistan which where already very angry towards American policies are appreciating these steps by Pakistani Officials.