Get Hundreds of Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers

I know many of you came to this page searching for the Mobile Numbers of Pakistani Girls through Google Search but i am sorry to say that you will not find Cell No. of any Girl here instead i have created this post to talk about a very important issue.  As i said it many times in my blog posts that Internet is a service that has many good as well as many bad uses.

it depends on the user how the user uses it?  i am very sad to say that many Pakistanis are also doing misuse of Internet.  One of the misuse of Internet that is done these days by Pakistanis is posting Mobile Numbers of Girls online.

There are many Websites online that are posting Mobile Numbers of Girls online and there is no one to stop them.  The sad fact is that such websites are also visited by many people. My Question to those people who posts Numbers of Girls online is that would you like it if someone else posts Mobile Number of your sister or wife online? Definitely most of you will not like it.

Then how such people are posting Mobile Numbers of other girls online? So all of us should not visit such websites. We also need to report such websites to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.