Important Events In Pakistan During 2011

Another Year full of big events in Pakistan and World is going towards its end in few days. During 2011 World seen many big events like Uprisings, Natural Disasters, Deaths of Big Personalities and many more. Pakistan also seen many big events in 2011. some where good while some where bad. Some of these events became a headline in whole world. So Following is the list of Important events that taken place in Pakistan 2011.

Former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer was killed on 4th January 2011.
On 19th  January 2011 a big earthquake came in different areas of Pakistan.
On 27th January An American agent Raymond Davis killed 3 Pakistanis In Lahore and was caught on the spot.
On 30th March 2011 Pakistan played Cricket World Cup Semi Final with India.
On 22nd April 2011 Famous Pakistani Actor Moin Akhtar Passed away.
On  1st May 2011 Al Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden was allegedly killed in Abbottabad City of Pakistan.
President Asif Zardari's father died on 24th May 2011.
Wife of Former P.M Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Begum Nusrat Bhutto Passed away on 23rd October 2011.
On November 22nd Pakistan's Ambassador In US Hussain Haqqani resigned.
On 26th November 2011 at least 24 Pakistani Soldiers where killed In a Nato Attack.
On 27th November Pakistan closed down Nato Supply Line to Afghanistan.