Massive Anger In Pakistan Against Nato and US

Last Week Helicopters of Nato Forces Violated Pakistani Airspace from Afghan Border and attacked a Pakistani Checkpoint in Tribal areas which killed 24 Pakistani Soldiers including 2 Officers. This checkpoint was created by Pakistan Army to stop the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan Militants from crossing the border. After the Nato Attack Pakistan Immediately closed down Nato Supply Line to Afghanistan and also asked US to leave its Shamsi Airbase which is used allegedly for drone attacks in Pakistani tribal areas.

Pakistani also announced to boycott the Bonn Conference as protest against Nato Attack. People of Pakistan which are already angry at US for its policies in Pakistan and Muslims got even more angry after seeing 24 of their soldiers getting killed by Nato forces Intentionally. Massive Protest across many cities taken place against Nato and US in Pakistan. Pakistanis are also demanding to permanently end relations with US and never reopen the Nato Supplies. On Social media sites as well many Pakistanis where seen doing protest against Nato and US. Many Pakistanis said that they don't need American Dollars in exchange of blood.