Pakistanis Angry Over Veena Malik Photo Scandal

Actress Veena Malik has once again done a work due to which every Pakistani Citizen is feeling shame and is angry on her act. Veena Malik has posed in a Indian Magazine without clothes with ISI written on her arm and a hand grenade in her mouth. Last year Veena Malik done bad scenes in a Indian TV Show after which she was criticized strongly by Pakistani public but this time she has crossed all her limits.

Not Only Pakistani Public is angry on Veena but her father Aslam Malik is also very angry and he has demanded to ban Veena Malik from entering in Pakistan again. He also said that by doing such Photo shoot Veena has made fun of Pakistan and Islam and i will not talk to her again.

People of Pakistan are also giving similar comments on Social networking sites and TV on act of Veena Malik. On other hand Veena Malik has claimed that her Photo which is published by the Magazine is fake but the Magazine team has said that Photo is real and we have even proofs of it.