Famous Pakistanis Who Passed Away in 2012

2012 was another important year for world specially Pakistan where many important events taken place in various fields of life. During 2012 many important Pakistan also left us forever.

Shahzeb Khan Photos

20 Years old boy Shahzeb Khan Photos who was martyred in Karachi by powerful Feudal politicians because he tried to save his sister from molestation.

Quaid E Azam Wanted Secular Or Islamic Pakistan?

Those who say Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted to make a secular state, should also explain as to why the first department of the new government of Pakistan that Quaid created after securing independence was the Department of Islamic Reconstruction???? Quaid created an Islamic reconstruction and policy making department to make a secular state ???? What non-sense those secular speak. 

Let's Explore The Beauty of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the largest country of the world which has many beautiful places.

Youtube Unblocked In Pakistan Finally

From last 4 months largest video sharing website Youtube was blocked in Pakistan over presence of a Blasphemous video on it but now after almost 4 months Youtube is unblocked in Pakistan.

Pakistan Is Now Asian Champion of Hockey, Cricket and Kabaddi

There was a time when Pakistan was on top in many sports in the world like Hockey, Cricket, Squash but after that Pakistan seen downfall in most of Sports in past years which is still continuing. But you will be surprised to know that Pakistan has now become Asian champion in three big sports Hockey, Cricket and Kabaddi at same time.

Pakistan Facebook Covers

Pakistan Facebook Timeline Covers for all the lovers of this great country of the world.

4 Reasons Due To Which Pakistan Can Win India Series

T20 series of two matches started yesterday between Pakistan and India and guest team got success in 1st T20 by 5 wickets due to brilliant bowling by Ajmal, Gul and Irfan and awesome batting by Shoaib Malik and Captain Muhammad Abdul Hafeez. After T20 matches three ODI matches will also be played.

Zaid Hamid Views On Tahir Ul Qadri Lahore Jalsa

A brief and quick analysis of today's Jalsa of Dr. Qadri. A massive and strongly pro-Pakistan crowd indeed MashAllah with only Pakistan flags. This is great to see.

Time of Corrupt Politicians Is Over: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that Time of Corrupt Politicians Is Over and change is coming.

Pakistan Cricket Team Lands In Delhi

T20 Cricket Team of Pakistan landed in Delhi on Saturday evening in captaincy of Muhammad Abdul Hafeez to play much awaited series against India which included 2 T20s and 3 ODIs.

Bashir Ahmad Bilour Photos

Late Leader of ANP Bashir Ahmad Bilour Photos who lost his life today.

Bashir Ahmad Bilour Died In Suicide Attack

Political Leader of ANP and Senior Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Bashir Ahmad Bilour Died In Suicide Attack on Saturday In Peshawar.

Top Twitter Trends and Google Searches This Week in Pakistan

What Pakistanis Searched the most in last 7 days? and what where the top twitter trends last week in Pakistan?  Here is the data.

Pakistan Army Cadets Wallpapers

The Young the passionate the brave Pakistan Army Cadets Wallpapers and Photos.

Pakistanis Not Believe That 21 December 2012 Is End of World

Lot of people from other parts of the world may be believing that World is going to end on so called doomsday 21st December but at least people of Pakistan not believe in this lie.

Pakistani National Highways Photos

There are many National Highways in Pakistan among which longest is N5 which goes from Karachi To Torkham and is 1819 KM long.

What If Adam Lanza was a Muslim?

Last week a shocking incident happened in US when a 20 year old boy named Adam Lanza attacked a primary school "The Connecticut school" and killed 27 people in which 20 where little kids of ages 5 to 10.

One Pound Fish Pakistani Gets Hit On Internet

One Pound Fish Pakistani Muhammad Shahid Nazir  Gets Hit On Internet after he launched his official music Video one pound fish which got millions of views in few hours online.

Its a Myth In Pakistan That Milk With Fish Is Harmful

There are many popular myths in our Pakistani society which are not only believed my uneducated people but many educated people also believes in these myths. but in reality there is no existence of such myths.

Pakistan Team Starts Practice For Indian Tour

Earlier this week Squads for T20 and ODI matches against India where announced by Pakistan Cricket Board after which practice sessions for this big series are started in Lahore.

Sharif Brothers Will Lose Whatever They Do: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan who keeps on targeting Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif with his statements has once again said that Sharif Brothers will lose the elections of 2013f from PTI no matter what they do?

Naran Valley In Photos

Pakistan's Naran Valley In Photos. It is located in Mansehra District.

Pakistani Girls You Can Be Next Victim

If you are a girl specially from Pakistan and you are using your real photo on your Facebook or any other social networking account then you can be in danger.

Imran Khan In Lodhran For Awami Rabta Mohim

Chairman PTI Imran Khan In Lodhran For Awami Rabta Mohim. He is going to different cities these days to wake up the people.

Aamir Khan Appreciates Pakistan's Imran Khan

Bollywood Superstar famously known as Mr Perfect Aamir Khan has shown his appreciation for Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chief and former Cricketer Imran Khan.

All Shisha Cafes Working In Lahore Are illegal: LHC

Sometime ago Lahore High Court ordered to close all the Shisha (Hookah) Cafes In Punjab by declaring them illegal. After this order of LHC few cafes where closed but most of them remained open and kept on selling Shisha to the youth.

Babri Masjid In Photos

Babri Masjid In Photos that was a historical mosque and was martyred by Hindu extremists two decades ago.

20th Anniversary of Babri Masjid Demolition Today

Today on Thursday 6th December 2012 its 20th Anniversary of Babri Masjid Demolition . Two decades ago today in 1992 Babari Masjid was martyred by thousands of Hindu Extremists in Ayodhya.

British Soldiers Kills 4 Boys In Afghanistan

From last two years war crimes by Nato soldiers has increased very much against the civilian population of Afghanistan. lot of shocking incident has taken place which has saddened the good people around the world.

Kate Middleton Is Sick and Expecting a Baby

The Big News in Britain today is that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are hopeful for baby while
Kate is admitted into hospital because of sickness.

Downfall of Pakistan Hockey Continues

There was a time when Pakistan was a champion of Hockey for decades and no team was able to defeat it.

Kaghan Valley of Pakistan Photos

Kaghan Valley of Pakistan Photos which is located in KP Province and is famous for its beauty.

Neighbour Countries of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the largest country of the world whose area is 796,095 km and population is more than 180 millions.

FBR Is Planning To Tax Google in Pakistan

According to official Facebook page of FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) its preparing to impose Tax on the Search Engine Giant Google in Pakistan on the profit it earns.

Young Martyrs of Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army has always given great sacrifices for the protection of Pakistan from its enemies. Following are some brave Martyrs of Pakistan Army.

Boy Dies After Jumping From Building To Be Saved By Fire in Karachi

People of Pakistan seen a heartbreaking scene yesterday on TV Channels when a Boy was shown jumping from a large building of Karachi to save himself from the fire which was spread inside building.

6 Best Places To Live In Lahore

Lahore is the second biggest city of Pakistan after Karachi with a estimated population of 1 crore people. More and more people are moving to Lahore from Punjab and other provinces for living there because it has better facilities of Education and health as compare to other cities.

India Secular and Democratic? What a lie

How often we hear this In Indian media and by Indian leaders that India is a secular and Democratic country where everyone is having freedom. I would call it one of the biggest lie of our times.

Funny Side of Pakistan in Photos

We listen so many negative things about our Country Pakistan but there are many good as well funny things as well about Pakistan. Following we are showing you Funny Side of Pakistan in Photos.

Pakistani Rupee Continues To Lose Value For Dollar

Pakistani Economy is really bad shape from last 4 years due to various reasons. Present Government has played major role in destroying Pakistani economy by doing corruption of billions in various sectors.

Rat Bites New Born Baby In Rawalpindi's Hospital

Although its common to hear unbelievable news from our beloved country Pakistan time to time but yesterday i heard a news that really shocked me.

One Year of American Forces Attack On Salala

Today On Monday 26th November one year of American Forces attack on Salala check point near Afghan border is over in which 24 Pakistan Army soldiers where martyred.

Find a Life Partner In Pakistan, Pakistan Matrimonial

Most of Population in Pakistan is below the age of 25 which means lot of people are looking to get married. Many people specially girls are also having problems in finding the good life partners for themselves in Pakistan.

Pakistani Flowers Kinds With Pics

Following are different beautiful Pakistani Flowers Kinds With Pics.

Series Against India Will Not Be Easy For Pakistan: Wasim Akram

Former Pakistani Legend Cricketer and Captain Wasim Akram has said that Series against India will not be easy for Pakistan because it is taking place on India's home ground.

Google Pakistan and Many Other Sites Hacked

Google Pakistan's official website Google.Com.Pk became inaccessible on Saturday after it was hacked by a hacker group named EBOZ.

Only 500 Pakistanis Allowed To Go India For Cricket Series

Pakistan Cricket team is going on Tour of India at end of next month December where it will be playing 5 T20 and ODI matches with the historic rivals.

No Need Of Operation In Karachi: General Kayani

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani said on Thursday that there is no need of army operation in Karachi and Rangers are doing a fine job to bring peace in the city.

Imran Khan Meets Top Business Personalities

Chairman Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan Met Top Business Personalities of Islamabad on Friday Evening.

Ajmal Kasab Was Not From Faridkot

Indian Government announced on Wednesday that Ajmal Kasab man responsible for Mumbai attacks of 2008 was hanged yesterday morning in Pune Jail. Ajmal Kasab is hanged after 4 years of Mumbai attacks. from 2008 some elements are claiming that Ajmal belonged to a village Faridkot while many says Ajmal was not from Faridkot.

My Lovely Lahore

Lahore is one of the largest city of Pakistan and capital of Pakistan's province Punjab. Its a big historic city with many amazing places. In recent years this city has spread greatly and its population is now more than 10 million.

Double Standards of Obama

Double Standards of United States President Barack Obama about targeting a country.

PTA Finally Banned Night Packages Indeed

From some months we where hearing rumors that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority may ban all night Mobile packages soon and finally it happened this week when PTA ordered all the Mobile network companies to close all the night packages.

Messi and Ronaldo Also Supports Palestine Gaza

Without any doubt Messi and Ronaldo are two of the best footballers of the present time. They are not just good Footballers but also good humans and the proof of it is that both of them supports Palestine cause.

Pakistani Villages Life

A Very Large Population of Pakistan lives in Villages. There are thousands of Villages in Pakistan located with all the cities in different areas. People of these villages mostly lives on agriculture. Following are some photos showing Villages life of Pakistan.

Major Problems For Pakistan In 2013

Pakistan is going through tough time and even more sad thing is that in this tough situation the Government we have is corrupt, dishonest and incapble of solving the problems. People have completely lost the hopes with this PPP Govenment.

Top Pakistani Android Apps

Android is one of the most popular Mobile Operating System which has became very popular now a days. Here in Pakistan as well Android powered Smartphones are getting sold very commonly.

Israel Is a Terrorist Country: Tayyip Erdogan

From last week Israel is continuing to bombard Gaza with Air Strikes which is resulting in massive civilian deaths of Palestinian Men, women and babies. Palestinian Buildings are also getting destroyed in open terrorism of Israeli state.

Chitral Valley Of Pakistan Photos

Chitral is a beautiful Valley located in KP Province of Pakistan. Following are its photos.

Keeping Peace In Pakistan During Muharram 2012

New Islamic year 1434 has started whose 1st month is Muharram during which Hazrat Hussain R.A was martyred. Its considered a sensitive month and unrest is often seen in Pakistan during this month in the past years.

Top 5 Businesses To Start In Pakistan With Less Investment

Pakistan is a country of 18 crore people and considered a very good place for doing business. although in last few years Pakistani economy has faced trouble due to law and order and corruption but still Pakistan is not a bad place to do a business.

Israel Even Destroys Palestinian Ambulances

Israel continues to attack Civilian Population and buildings of Gaza with Air Strikes which is resulting in deaths of dozens of innocent Men, Women and babies. You would be surprised to know that Israel is not even leaving Palestinian Ambulances.

Anti Muslim Indian Leader Bal Thackeray Passes Away

Indian Anti Muslim Politician and founder of Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray has passed away on Saturday at the age of 86 In Mumbai. After the death of Bal Thackeray life stopped in Mumbai and shops, offices where closed down.

Gaza After Israeli Attack Photos

Israeli is once again showing its terrorism by attacking Civilians of Gaza. Following are some photos of Gaza after Israeli attack which shows the destruction.

Israeli Attack On Gaza Kills Dozens Including Babies

Israel which is involved in occupying of Palestinian Land and killing thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians has once again launched attack on Gaza resulting in deaths of Dozens of Civilians including many babies. Hundreds of people are also injured in Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza.

Wives of Pakistani Cricketers

Pakistani Cricketers are most popular celebrities in the country. Not just Cricketers must there wives are also very popular. Following are wives of different Pakistani Cricketers.

Ishq E Memnu Drama Gets Popular In Pakistan

A Turkish Drama Serial Aşk-ı Memnu is getting telecasted in Pakistan these days with name of Ishq E Memnu in Urdu Language on Urdu 1 Channel. This Drama has got attention of the Pakistani fans and it is getting very high TRP in Pakistan these days.

Simplicity of Imran Khan In Photos

Chairman of Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan has got massive popularity in Pakistan in last couple of years specially the Youth of Pakistan loves him. Imran Khan won World Cup for Pakistan. Then the made the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.

Best Eating Places In Lahore

I think most of us love to eat. People of Pakistan specially Lahoris loves to eat outside with their families and friends. Spicy foods like BBQ and Karahi are favourite foods of people of Lahore. There are many amazing Eating places in Lahore where people loves to go regularly to enjoy these foods.

What is Actually Happening In Karachi?

Karachi Is the largest City of Pakistan and one of the largest in whole world with a population near 2 crore. Karachi is also known as business hub of Pakistan. In Karachi people of various Ethnicities like Urdu Speaking, Pashtun, Punjabi are living.

Youtube Reopens In Pakistan

Many Internet users in Pakistan are reporting that they are able to access Video sharing website Youtube in Pakistan On Monday evening. Youtube was blocked in Pakistan several months ago by PTA on Government orders over a blasphemous movie.

7 Alive Pakistanis Whom I Like

Pakistan is a great country with many great people. Pakistan's history has produced many great people in different fields. Today i am going to share list of 10 Alive Pakistanis whom i really like for different reasons.

Zardari PPP Will Win 2013 Elections Again

Most of you would be shocked to see the title of this post that Peoples Party will win the 2013 Elections of Pakistan. Well its my point of view and there is a reason for that.

Adnan Akmal Has Also Got Married

Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal and Adnan Akmal are three brothers and all of them are also cricketers who have played International Cricket for Pakistan.

Iqbal Day Photos

Allama Iqbal is National poet of Pakistan and one of the best poet of all time. His poetry played very important role in wakening Muslims of Subcontinent to get freedom. Iqbal Day is celebrated every year in Pakistan on 9th November because on this day Allama Iqbal was born.

Nokia Asha 311 In Pakistan

Nokia Asha 311 is a very good less priced Smart Phone having full touchscreen and good features. it runs on Series 40 Operating System. It was launched earlier in 2012 and now is available in many parts of the world.

US Elections 2012 In Photos

American Elections 2012 In Photos which are won by Obama.

Barack Obama Becomes US President Again

American President From Democratic Party Barack Hussain Obama is re-elected as the US President for another four years by defeating Republican nominee Mitt Romney in US Elections 2012.

Schedule of Pakistan Vs India Series December 2012

Next Month Pakistan will be touring India to play Cricket series of five matches which includes 2 T20s and 3 ODIs. This series will start from 25 December to 2012 and end on 6 January 2013.

Pakistani Team Will Get Full Security: Indian Government

Cricket ties between two historic rivals Pakistan and India are finally going to resume next month December when Pakistan Cricket team will be going to India to play T20 and ODI series. Pakistan and India are going to play a series after almost 4 years.

Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

Youtube is the best Video sharing website on the internet which gets huge traffic daily on various videos. from sometime Youtube is blocked in Pakistan. It was blocked when a blasphemous video against our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW was posted by someone on Youtube.

Pakistan is Facing Tough Time: Army Chief Kayani

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has said that Pakistan is going through tough time and we need to get united as one nation in this situation. General Kayani was addressing in GHQ with army officers.

How Pakistanis Wastes Time On Facebook Social Media?

On Internet Pakistanis loves to use various social media sites specially the Facebook which has more than a billion users now worldwide. infect Pakistanis wastes their lot of time on Social sites daily which keeps them away from doing productive work.

Take a Look At New Windows 8 (Photos)

Take a Look At New Windows 8 new Operating system launched by Microsoft at end of October 2012.

5 Ways To Find Jobs in Pakistan

Unemployment is a major problem of Pakistan and millions of Youngsters are having trouble in finding good jobs even after getting good degrees with good marks. There are many reasons due to which Youngsters are not getting proper Jobs and one reason for it is that they don't know the proper ways to find Jobs in Pakistan.

Sikandar Sanam Is No More

In last one year Pakistan has lost many amazing Actors specially stage actors. This week we lost another great Actor of Stage Sikandar Sanam who was suffering from liver cancer which was diagnosed in September after which was admitted to hospital in Karachi.

Pakistan Army New Wallpapers Photos 2012

Pakistan Army New Wallpapers Photos 2012 Fresh collection. All the lovers of Pakistan Army can download these wallpapers for their desktop.

Nargis Will Not Do Mujra anymore

Famous Pakistani Actress Nargis who spent more than two decades in Pakistani Film Industry Lollywood and got popular for doing Mujra has finally announced to leave to showbiz completely.

Salman Khan Shows Support For Pakistan's Imran Khan

Famous Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan has shown his support for Pakistan's Political Leader Imran Khan who was recently detained on US Airport for his campaign against the US Drone Strikes.

Night Call Packages To Be Ended In Pakistan

There are around 5 Mobile Network companies in Pakistan which have introduced many cheap Night call packages which costs just 2,3 to Rs to talk for an hour. These night packages have became very popular among young girls and boys who uses them to talk all night with each other.

Pakistan Navy New Pictures 2012

Pakistan Navy New Pictures Photos 2012 that is one of the best Navy in World.

Top Tablets Available In Pakistan

Tablet is a new technology after Laptops and Smart Phone Mobiles that is getting popular very quickly in the world in recent years. Apple was first company to launch a tablet named Apple iPad after which lot of company made Tablet PCs.

Hafiz Saeed Aid Offer For Sandy and American Response

Jamat Ud Dawa always takes parts in various relief works whenever any natural disaster hits Pakistan. It also taken part in relief works in other countries. But yesterday we heard a interesting news that Jamat Ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has offered aid for American Storm Sandy which has done huge destruction in US.

Storm Sandy Photos

Various American States are hit by a massive Storm named Sandy. Following are some of its photos.

Marriage Problems in Pakistan

Marriage is a beautiful relationship which unites two people for their lifetime. Every person wishes to find a good life partner with whom he/she can spend the life happily. But now a days Problems before and after marriage are growing very much in Pakistan's society such as Divorces, fights, dowry demands.

Eid Ul Adha 2012 in Pakistan

Eid Ul Adha whose other name is Big Eid or Eid e Qurban Is an Islamic Festival which Muslims celebrates every year. Animals are also sacrificed on this Eid. Following are some photos of Eid Ul Adha in Pakistan.

Eid Ul Adha Will Be On 27th October 2012 In Pakistan

The Islamic month of Zul Hijjah is already underway as its moon was sighted earlier this week after which zonal committee announced that Eid Ul Adha will be celebrated on Saturday 27th October 2012 across Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi Says He Is Not Retiring

Popular Pakistani All Rounder Cricketer Shahid Afridi is going through tough times now a days as he is in very poor form from few months. He failed to perform in T20 World Cup 2012 with ball as well as bat. He was also not able to show great performance against Aussies in UAE.

Malala Yousafzai's Health Is Improving: Doctors

14 Years old young Pakistani Girl from Swat Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head yesterday while coming back from her school in the bus is out of danger now according to Doctors. Doctors has done a 3 hours surgery of Malala and bullet is also removed after which her condition has improved.

Call Rates To Pakistan From Other Countries Goes Up 500%

Perhaps there is no part of Pakistan society which has not faced trouble by the acts of present corrupt Zardari Government.

PTI Imran Khan Peace March

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf done a Peace March towards South Waziristan on 6th and 7th October 2012 in leadership of Imran Khan against American Drone strikes in Tribal areas which are causing many Civilian deaths. In this peace march large no of Western Activists also taken part. Imran Khan also addressed the march in Tank. Following are some photos of this peace march.

Animals For Eid Qurbani 2012 In Pakistan Bakras Cows Photos

Photos of Various Types of Animals For Eid Ul Adha Qurbani 2012 In Pakistan Bakras Cows and more.

Buy Eid Qurbani Bakras Online In Pakistan 2012

Its Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW To do Qurbani of Animals on the occasion  of Eid Ul Adha every year in memory of Prophet Ibrahim's sacrifice. Like Muslims around the world Pakistanis also sacrifice millions of animals every year on Eid Ul Adha. Goats, Cows are most sacrificed animals in Pakistan.

Should Azhar Mahmood Play For Pakistan's T20 Team?

At a time when most of senior Pakistani players are failing to perform specially in T20 Cricket a senior Pakistani cricketer is performing very well in different Leagues by giving all round performances with bat and ball.

Is T20 The Future of Cricket?

Cricket is a century old sport which started first of all in format of Test. Later on ODI format was introduced in Cricket which remained very popular for almost two decades. But the latest exciting format that is introduced in the International Cricket in last few years is known as T20.

Abdul Razzaq Apologizes To Pakistan Cricket Board

Pakistani All Rounder Cricketer Abdul Razzaq is in news from last two weeks for criticizing Pakistan's T20 Captain Muhammad Abdul Hafeez for not including him in the playing 11 against Sri Lanka in the semi final of T20 World Cup 2012.

Pakistan Needs To Improve Batting and Fast Bowling

Like 2010 T20 World Cup this time once again Pakistan lost in the semi final of T20 World Cup 2012 by Sri Lanka and got knocked out of the tournament. Pakistan's spin bowlers are performing very well which helped Pakistan to win several matches but there are some departments which are really a matter of concerns.

Chances of Sri Lanka Cricket Team Tour to Pakistan Increased

Sri Lankan Cricket team was attacked several years ago in Lahore Pakistan during their tour by terrorists in which Sri Lankan team remain saved but 8 Pakistanis lost their lives. After that attack International Cricket was completely ended in Pakistan. No International team was ready to come Pakistan after that.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Decorating your hands and feet with Mehndi Henna is a important part of Pakistani Culture. Girls Love to decorate their hands and feet with Mehndi specially on events of happiness like Eid. Following are some Pakistani Mehndi Designs.

Iran Permanently Bans Google and Gmail

Iranian Government last week announced to permanently ban World's Largest Search Engine Google Search and its Email Service Gmail while Youtube is already banned there. However it is not yet clear that why this step is taken by the Iranian Government???

Protests In Pakistan Against Anti Islam Film

Today Ishq Rasool SAW Day is observed officially in Pakistan on which Protests against Anti Islam film was taking place in almost all cities. Following are Photos of these Protests In Pakistan Against Anti Islam Film.

Pakistanis Do Protest But Please Peacefully

Every Muslim Loves Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon him more than his own life and when someone targets his personality every Muslim not matter where he lives feels pain. Incidents of Blasphemy against our beloved Prophet SAW are taking place again and again in name of freedom of speech in recent years.

Pakistan's Matches Schedule For T20 World Cup 2012

4th T20 Cricket World Cup 2012 will start on 18th September 2012 in Sri Lanka whose first match will be played between host Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

Rivers of Pakistan In Photos

There are large no. of Rivers that goes through different areas of Pakistan. Most popular Rivers of Pakistan are Sindh River, Ravi, Satluj, Kabul River, Chenab River. Following are various Rivers of Pakistan in Photos.

Pakistanis Be Careful Before Sharing Something On Facebook

Like other nations Pakistanis also love to use Social Networking websites specially Facebook. On Facebook they share various type of Information on their walls and pages through Images, Links and Videos.

Pakistan's Hopes For T20 World Cup 2012

Pakistan is a Cricket crazy nation whose people love this sport even though that their national sport is Hockey not Cricket. In Pakistan the Cricketers are the biggest Celebrities not Actors or people of other fields. People of Pakistan wants their team to perform well and bring joy for them in the crises from which country is going through.

Is Pakistan Spreading Ethnic Tensions In Indian Assam?

Is Pakistan Spreading Ethnic Tensions In Indian Assam? a great response by Ahmed Qureshi to Indian allegations on Al Jazeera TV.

Heera Mandi (Shahi Mohalla) In Photos

Heera Mandi (Shahi Mohalla) Also known as Diamond Market of Lahore In Photos.

Will Imran Khan PTI Be Able To Sweep In Next Elections of 2013?

We often hear from Chairman Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan that his party will sweep in next elections of 2013 and will be able to get majority in the Parliament. Even i as a youngster who wants to see a change in Pakistan would want that, but the question is that can PTI really do that? Can they win the election all alone in a country like Pakistan?

Should Prepaid Mobile Sims Be Permanently Blocked in Pakistan?

Mobile Phones got popular in Pakistan in year of 2004, 2005 and with each passing year Mobile users are growing more and more in Pakistan. Now almost every person is having a mobile phone. Most of people are using Prepaid Mobile Sims in their phones.

Eid Ul Fitr 2012 To Be Celebrated On Monday In Pakistan and India

In Saudi Arabia several Arab and European Countries Eid Ul Fitr 2012 will be celebrated on Sunday 19th August 2012. In Pakistan Eid Ul Fitr will be celebrated on Monday 20th August as moon was not sighted On Saturday evening. Royat-e-Hilal Committee taken decision of Celebrating Eid on Monday after meetings in various cities.

Small Documentary On Pakistan Hockey Legend Sohail Abbas

Small Documentary On Pakistan Hockey Legend Sohail Abbas who has title of scoring most goals in history of hockey ever.

What Pakistanis Searched Most On Google During Last 12 Months?

Google largest Search Engine On Internet is used daily by several million Pakistanis to search thousands of different types of terms. But would you like to know what Pakistanis search most on Google? We are presenting some statistics with you that what Pakistanis searched most on Google during last 12 months August 2011 to August 2012?

Pakistani Media Fells To Lowest Level To Get High Ratings This Ramadan

With the arrival of Ramadan like every year many special programs are aired on different TV Channels of Pakistan to discuss Islamic and Ramadan related issues. But the sad and shocking thing is that most of the people who are doing these programs are characterless people and has nothing to do with Islam.

Eid Ul Fitr 2012 in Pakistan

Holy Month of Ramadan is passing away quickly and we are already in third and last Ashra of the Ramadan Ul Mubarak 2012. As this blessed month will finish Muslim throughout the planet will celebrate their Islamic Festival called Eid Ul Fitr. Its Celebrated every year after fasting for a month in Ramadan.

14 August Celebrations in Pakistan Photos

14 August is a very special day for every Pakistani because on this day Muslims of Subcontinent got their freedom after giving millions of sacrifices of lives, homes, properties and many other things that we can't even imagine. Every year this day is Celebrated in Pakistan in special way. Following are some photos of 14 August Celebrations in Pakistan.

Historical Places In Lahore In Photos

Lahore is one of the biggest city of Pakistan's Punjab province having population over 1 crore. Lahore is a very historical place from different perspectives where many historical places are present. Today we are going to show you some of these Historical Places of Lahore In Photos.

Prices Touches Sky During Ramadan in Pakistan

Every Muslim of world believes that Ramadan is a blessed month which teaches us about sacrifice, patience and helping others. But every year specially from last 3,4 years as the Ramadan comes the prices of foods and other items starts touching the Sky.

Pakistan Vs Australia Series Schedule August-September 2012

Pakistan Vs Australia Series Schedule August-September 2012 that will be played in UAE before T20 World Cup.

10 Best Olympics Moments of All Time

Olympics Games 2012 are starting from 27th July 2012 in London United Kingdom in which Athletes from hundreds of countries will take part in different sports. The event will continue from 27th July to 12th of August. Olympics Takes place after every 4 years. Following we are presenting 10 Best Olympics Moments of All Time.

Ramzan Mubarak To Pakistan

Mashallah Ramzan Kareem begun in whole Pakistan on Saturday after moon was sighted on Friday night. We Team of Pakistan33 Blog would like to offer you a very happy Ramzan Mubarak. Our beloved country Pakistan is going through tough time. Lets all pray for our Pakistan in this blessed month that May Allah SWT bring peace, love, progress, unity in our Country. Also Remember us in your prayers.

Ramadan 2012 Starting in Pakistan on 21st July

Every Muslims around the world is excited about the arrival of month of Ramadan this year as well. only 2 days are left in Ramadan 2012. In Arab Countries Ramadan will begun On Friday. Preparations are already started in homes for Ramadan.

Pakistan's Area Skardu Photos

Skardu is a beautiful area located in Gilgit–Baltistan territory of Pakistan. Following are some photos of Skardu.

International Community and Media Silent On Burma Muslims Massacre

There are around a Million Muslims living in Myanmar (Burma). These Muslims have always faced discrimination  in Buddhist populated country. During long Dictatorship these Muslims continued to face human rights violations.  Few months ago Democracy came in Myanmar by getting rid of long dictatorship.

How Pakistanis Observes Ramazan?

Now there is less than one week left in Ramazan 2012. Preparations for Ramazan are still underway in houses. Ramazan bazaars has also started working in different cities of Pakistan. Following we are sharing some photos which shows how people of Pakistan observes Ramadan?

Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi Divorces Wife Faha

There is a big and sad breaking news leaked by Geo TV News Anchor Mansoor Ali Khan on Twitter that Famous Pakistani Tennis Star Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi has divorced his wife Faha Akmal with whom he married in December 2011 just 7 months ago in Lahore.

Ramadan 2012 Calendar For Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad

Ramadan 2012 will probably start on 21st July Friday in Pakistan. Pakistani Muslims will fast in this blessed month and will do prayers. Following are Ramadan Calendars and Timetables for different cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Lahore, Multan.

Fatima Jinnah Great Sister of Quaid Azam

Fatima Jinnah was born on 31st July 1893. She was 17 years younger than her brother Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. She was just 2 years old when her mother passed away and at age of 8 she also lost her father.  At this difficult time Quaid Azam looked after his younger sister.

Keep An Eye What Your Kid Is Doing On Internet?

No doubt it is world of Computer and Internet. Computer and Internet are became necessity of our daily lives. In the past these where only used in offices but now they are used in every house. There is also no doubt that there are many benefits and good uses of Computer and Internet but what about its wrong uses specially for kids?

Egypt's New President Mohammed Morsi Is a Simple Person

Egypt was ruled for last 30 years by a corrupt Dictator Hosni Mubarak who was backed by US, Israel and Western Countries. Hosni Mubarak was having billion of Dollars and he lived a very rich life. Last year Egypt seen a revolution in result of which Hosni Mubarak lost his 30 year rule on Egypt and now in 2012 Egypt got a simple person Mohammed Morsi as President in result of elections.

Responsibility of Young Doctors

Doctors are having unique importance in any society. Their duty is to serve humanity. They are however human beings and they have professional needs and requirements which must be provided to them.

Pakistan Army Doctors Doing Duties In Hospitals

Its now 15th day that Young Doctors are on Strike in Province of Punjab and not doing their duties in Government Hospitals which is causing lot of problems for poor patients who can't even afford fees of private hospitals. at least 7 patients are died till now in result of this strike. At this crucial time hundreds of Doctors from Pakistan Army are doing duties in Hospitals of Punjab in place of Young Doctors. Following are some photos.

Spain Vs Portugal and Germany Vs Italy Semi Finals In Euro 2012

Like always interesting Tournament Euro 2012 started with 16 teams earlier this month and now only 4 teams are left to play Semi Finals while other 12 are already knocked out. In first semi final the world champion Spain will be taking on Portugal. This match will be played on Wednesday 27th June.

Balochistan's City Ziarat In Photos

Ziarat is famous city of Pakistan's province Balochistan. Its also a famous holiday resort. Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah also spent last days of his life in Ziarat. Following are some photos of Ziarat.

Fauzia Wahab Dies

Famous Pakistani Female Politician and former MNA of Pakistan Peoples Party passed away on Sunday evening. Fozia Wahab passed away few minutes ago from now after going in Qoma and she was removed from Ventilator.

She was admitted in hospital at end of May in Karachi after being felling ill. She went through a surgery after which her condition became more worse. Fauzia Wahab done two marriages and she has 4 kids. Her Funeral prayer will be offered On Monday. inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt Visits Pakistan

Former Chief Executive Officer and Present Chairman of Search Engine Giant Google recently visited Pakistan and met major leadership including Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gilani. The news not came in media because it was a silent visit of two days.

Sources claims that main purpose of this visit to Pakistan by Google Chairman was to improve the relations of Google with Pakistan.  In the past relations of Pakistani Govt where not good with Google because Google and its other sites like Youtube, Blogger faced blockage in Pakistan over blasphemy issue.

Ugly Pakistani TV Media Exposed But Social Media Shows its Power

There where allegations on different media groups and anchors from a long time that they eats money from different parties and works on their agenda but yesterday we seen in reality corruption in Pakistani media when a video was leaked on Youtube by some unknown person in which two famous Pakistani TV anchors of Dunya TV Mubashir Luqman and Mehar Bukhari where shown planting interview of Pakistani Billionaire owner of Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain.

Pakistani Ghazal Singer Mehdi Hassan Passes Away

Famous Pakistani Ghazal Singer Mehdi Hassan has passed away at age of 84 in Karachi on Wednesday morning leaving his millions of fans in Pakistan and across the border sad. Mehdi Hassan was ill from a long time and from last few days he was admitted in a private hospital of Karachi.

Talat Hussain The Best Pakistani Journalist

Pakistani Media specially Electronic media has seen lot of growth in last 5 to 6 years. During this time many new TV channels are launched. People of Pakistan sees political talk shows on TV with great interest infect viewership of Political shows is even more than Drama Serials. Shows of Talat Hussain, Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir, Shahid Masood, Javed Chaudhry are most watched.

How To Watch PTV Sports Live Online?

PTV Sports is a new Pakistani Sports Channel which started its Telecast earlier in start of 2012. Its a Government channel and part of PTV Group which already have several channels like PTV Home. PTV Sports is second Sports channel launched in Pakistan. Before this Geo Super was the only Sports Channel in Pakistan.

Country Club Bahria Town Lahore In Photos

Recently an amazing Entertainment point Country Club is opened in Bahria Town Lahore's sector C. Country Club has different amazing Entertainments like Zoo, Golf Course, delicious food, lakes and much more. The entry in Country Club is also free and you don't need membership. Following are some photos showing beauty of this Club.

Leon Panetta Threatens Pakistan In India Tour

US Officials often keeps on giving statements against Pakistan and their tongues becomes more bigger when they are on tour of India that is a old rival of Pakistan. This time US Defense Secretary and former CIA Chief Leon Panetta has targeted Pakistan in his tour of India.

Who Is Malik Riaz Hussain?

These Days owner of Bahria Town and one of the most richest Pakistani Malik Riaz Hussain is in news for scandal of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry son that he bribed CJ's Son 30 to 40 core rupees to get relief in his cases that are pending in Supreme Court. But who this man Malik Riaz is and how he has got influence in different departments of Pakistan?

Scandal of Chief Justice Iftikhar Son and Need of Justice

Arsalan Iftikhar The son of Chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry is being accused of monetary corruption. CJ has to deal this case with extreme care and any negligence from his side will defame the total justice system of Pakistan.

Mangoes Hits Pakistani Market

Every Year when summer comes Pakistanis becomes worried with massive Load Shedding and Heat but one thing which makes most of them happy is arrival of Mangoes. Mangoes is one of the most delicious Fruit in the world and this is why it is also called King of Fruits. There are more than 150 types of mangoes produced in Pakistan every year.

Angry Imran New Game For Mobiles About Imran Khan's Tsunami

All of us love to play games on our Android and Apple Phones of Sports, Action, Puzzles but what about a political game? yes there is a political game named Angry Imran launched for Android Phones in the Google Play Store.

Should Pakistan Have a Directly Elected President?

Should we have directly elected President? basically direct democracy through directly elected leadership.
My concerns are arising out of the peculiar circumstances prevailing in Pakistan where democracy & parliamentary process have been reduced to a joke.

Life of PTI Chairman Imran Khan In Photos

Imran Khan a former Pakistani Cricketer and now a Pakistani Politician is considered a great legend in Pakistan. In his captaincy Pakistan won 1992 Cricket World Cup. Later on Imran Khan made Pakistan's biggest free Cancer hospital. Now a days Imran Khan is trying his luck in Politics and recent surveys suggests that his party is most popular right now in Pakistan and he may win next elections of 2013.

Fauzia Wahab Seriously ill, Shifted To ICU

Pakistan Peoples Party Leader Fauzia Wahab who is famous for her hard talks in Political programs has fell seriously ill and shifted to ICU in a private hospital of Karachi.

First Body Recovered From Siachen Gayari Sector

50 Days ago almost 140 Pakistan Army Soldiers where buried under a avalanche in Gayari Sector of Siachen. From that day Rescue operation is underway by Pakistan Army Soldiers and finally after hard work of 50 days first body is recovered.

Shahid Afridi Becomes Father Of Third Baby Girl

According to reports of various News sites Pakistan's Former Cricket Captain Shahid Khan Afridi has became father of third baby Girl on Sunday 20th May 2012.  Shahid Afridi already has two daughters and now he has became father of third daughter.

Beautiful Faisal Masjid In Photos

Faisal Masjid is one of the largest and most beautiful Masjid located In Pakistan's Capital Islamabad. Following we are sharing some Beautiful Faisal Masjid Photos.

Pakistani Rulers Must Learn From Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has reached Pakistan last night on his 3 days official tour with his wife. Tayyip Erdogan is a man who changed luck of Turkey in few years and today Turkey is one of fastest growing and largest economy of the world.  Tayyip Erdogan belonged to a poor family and in childhood he used to collect Garbage from streets of Turkey but this man with his honesty, sacrifice and continues struggle changed the face of Turkey.

PTCL Now Has 1 Million Internet Broadband Users in Pakistan

If there are so many negative things about Pakistan then positive things are also not less and one of those positive thing is increasing use of Internet in Pakistan's every Village, Town and City. PTCL announced earlier this week that their Internet Broadband users has crossed the limit of 1 Million recently.

Hyrbyair and Balach Marri Exposed

There are some people who enjoyed power in the past in Balochistan. Now a days these people are sitting Western Countries and their groups are spreading Terrorism in Balochistan province of Pakistan through Afghanistan border under supremacy of American and Indian Intelligence agencies.

Different Jalsas of Imran Khan In Photos

During last one year Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and Imran Khan has done some of the largest Jalsas in history of Pakistan in big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar. All these Jalsas shows that People of Pakistan wants a change. Following we are presenting some photos of Imran Khan Jalsas.

Pakistanis Are Angry With Hillary Clinton

Anger against America is already on top in Muslim world specially Pakistan due to policies of US Governments and invasion of Muslim countries one after another. Hatred against America is growing in Pakistan day by day due to Drone attacks which killed many Civilians and attacks like Salala in which Pakistani soldiers where killed by Nato Troops. My recent observation shows that People of Pakistan are also very angry at US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

American and Indian Influence In Pakistani Media

The biggest damage done to Pakistan under this present filthy regime is on the front of Islamic ideology, Pakistani identity and our values, faith, culture and dignity. The CIA backed people are now in total control of our Media, Education and Society where they are imparting vulgar western immoral atheistic values into our children especially our women and girls.

Mobile Internet Becomes Cheaper In Pakistan

Like Mobile Industry use of Internet is also becoming common in Pakistan and Mobile Phone companies knows that. Seeing this different Mobile Phone Companies in Pakistan has reduced their charges for use of Internet on Mobile greatly. These companies has launched many attractive low cost Internet package for daily use to attract maximum users.

5 New Interviews of Imran Khan In May 2012

Following are 5 New Interviews of Imran Khan In May 2012 with various TV Channels.

Photos Collection of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Photos Collection of Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah a great politician and founder of Pakistan.

Coal Gasification in Pakistan To Produce Electricity

In Pakistan many coal reserves are present but the biggest coal reserve is present in area of Sindh called THAR .Thar is dessert area of Sindh . It is one of most backward areas of Pakistan . Its population is about ten lacks. people are deprived from many facilities.

Learn How To Remove Logo Of Shahbaz Sharif Scheme Laptop

Do You also got a Laptop From Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif but you don't like the Logo of Shahbaz Sharif Youth Initiative on back side of Its screen? Then we have a solution for you. There is a easy method of removing Shahbaz Sharif Logo from your Laptop which will take only few minutes and easy steps.

Bhoja Plane Crash Photos

Bhoja Plane Crash Photos that destroyed on Friday Near Islamabad just before landing and 127 people lost their lives.

Air Journey Not Safe In Pakistan?

On Friday More than 120 Pakistanis where killed in Bhoja Plane Crash near Islamabad and next day two Planes of Shaheen Airline where saved from dangerous accidents luckily. In the past also many Air Accidents taken place in Pakistan which taken hundreds of lives.

PTI Quetta Jalsa In Photos

Following is PTI Quetta Jalsa In Photos that held today and Imran Khan also addressed.

Bhoja Passenger Plane Fallen Near Rawalpindi

According to Pakistani media reports a Pakistani Passenger Plane of Bhoja Airline has fallen few minutes ago near Rawalpindi at the Koral Chowk on Islamabad Express Highway that was having 120 Passengers.

Pakistanis Should Be Careful While Using SMS Service

The users of mobile phones have reached 116 million in Pakistan recently. Pakistan is a nation which sends billions of SMS messages every year more than most of countries of the world. the trend of forwarding SMS Messages on various issues is very common in Pakistan.

Photos Of Pakistani Soldiers That Are Buried In Siachen

Last week over 130 Pakistan Army Soldiers where buried in avalanche at Gyari sector of Siachen. Rescue Operation to find out these soldiers is still continuing but so far no one is found out. Following we are presenting photos of some of the soldiers that are buried in avalanche.

Chances For Pakistanis To Earn Money By Freelancing Online

The Problem of Unemployment is growing in Pakistan as the Economy is going in more and more trouble. According to a survey there is a immediate need of 2 million Jobs in Pakistan for youngsters. In the past as well i have discussed about various ways of earning money online for Pakistanis in my blog posts.

Over 100 Pakistani Soldiers Buried In Snow Avalanche in Siachen

According to various Pakistani Media reports from 100 to 150 Pakistan Army Soldiers where buried in a Snow Avalanche in Siachen Glacier On Saturday morning near Indian occupied Kashmir border. The incident taken place because a avalanche hit a camp of Pakistan army near Siachen Glacier.

Pakistan Army Soldiers In Siachen Photos

Following are Pakistan Army Soldiers Photos from Siachen Glacier one of the highest Glacier in the world.

Pakistanis Upset With Growing Inflation and Corruption of Government

Foods to Petrol and Property to Dresses the prices of everything are going up like a rocket in Pakistan in recent years in Pakistan Peoples Party Government and the reasons are clear. Corruption, dishonesty and incompetence of Present Government. the biggest thieves of Pakistan are sitting in Government in Pakistan.

JUD Chief Hafiz Saeed Photos

Following are JUD Chief Hafiz Saeed Photos against whom US has recently set a bounty of $10 Million.

Most Richest People of Pakistan

Pakistan is a big country having population of 180 Million. Poor, Middle Class, Rich all type of people are living in Pakistan. But today's post is about the most richest people of Pakistan. Today i will be writing about the top most richest people of Pakistan from different fields. So here is the list of richest Pakistanis.

Hafiz Saeed Reacts To US Award of 10 Million Dollars Against Him

American Government has announced a bounty of 10 Million Dollars against Jamat Ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and put him on America's most wanted list with Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar. Hafiz Saeed is already India's most wanted man and India blames him for 26/11 attacks but Pakistani high court cleared him from Indian allegations and freed him several years back.

Pakistani People Should Change Themselves First If They Want Good Rulers

Bashing Corrupt Rulers Like Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Pervez Musharraf is very common in Pakistan. We can  see on roads, Shops, TV everywhere people bashing these Politicians for their corruption. Yes it is truth that Pakistani Politicians are corrupt and they played major role in destroying Pakistan but question is what about Pakistani Society???? Is Pakistani Society honest???

Pakistan Day 23rd March Wallpapers

Wallpapers of Pakistan Day 23rd March the day when Pakistan Resolution was passed.

Pakistanis Also Gets Sad On Bangladesh Defeat In Asia Cup Final

I read it somewhere yesterday on Facebook after Asia Cup Final between Pakistan and Bangladesh and it looked completely true to me "It's happening first time in Cricket that the winning country is sad for the losing country."  Last night Pakistan Cricket Team won the Asia Cup final from Bangladesh after a close match by just 2 runs after which Bangladeshi players became emotional and tears came out of their eyes.

Happy 72nd Pakistan Day To All Pakistanis

Exactly 72 years ago from today on 23rd March 1940 Pakistan resolution was presented at the location of Minar E Pakistan Lahore about making a separate Country for Muslims of Subcontinent where they can live freely without fear of Hindu majority. In memory of that resolution on 23rd march every year people of Pakistan celebrates Pakistan Day.

Today on 23rd March 2012 people of Pakistan are celebrating 72nd Pakistan day with great zeal and excitement. Different Ceremonies are organized all over Pakistan regarding this day. last night People of Pakistan all got a gift of Pakistan day by Pakistani Cricket team who won Asia Cup.

23rd March makes us remember that we can achieve any goal if we work hard with honesty.  Today when Pakistan is going through Situation we need to understand the message of 23rd March even more. 

Growing Hatred In Afghan Public Against America and Nato

At a time when US and Nato are talking about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in next couple of years by completing their mission the hatred in people of Afghanistan against foreign troops is on the rise massively. The cause of this increasing hatred is repetitive incidents like Quran Burning, Civilian Killings by US and Nato Soldiers.

Pakistanis Sharing Jokes About Slow Batting of Misbah Ul Haq

Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Misbah Ul Haq is a very good Batsman and Captain who has shown amazing performance in last couple of years. But bad luck for Misbah is that Pakistan has last many big matches in which he done batting very slowy.  Example can be Semi Final of Cricket World Cup 2012 between Pakistan and India and recently last T20 match between Pakistan and England in UAE.

Pakistan Test Fires Ballistic Missile Hatf II "Abdali" Successfully

Pakistan Test Fires Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile Hatf II "Abdali" Successfully yesterday.

Minar E Pakistan In Photos

Famous Historic Building of Pakistan located In Lahore Minar E Pakistan In Photos.

Indian Army Having Massive Shortage of Weapons: Indian Army Chief

Indian Army often stays in news for different corruption, harassment and other types of scandals. This week another shocking news came out when Indian Army Chief General V K Singh wrote a letter to Indian Interior ministry that Indian army is Having Massive Shortage of Weapons and if a war taken place ammunition of Indian army will end in just 2 days.

Pakistanis Can Now Get Laptops On Installments

Recently Punjab Government Distributed many Laptops In Universities Students but still there are millions of students out there in Pakistan who not got the laptops and they also can't afford buying them. I have a good news for all these Students and non-students as well that now you can get Laptops on easy Installments in Pakistan.

American Demand of "Do More" and Pakistan

We are hearing “do more” since we have become American ally in false war of error. America has demanded too much from Pakistan. This war was started with few bases given to America to and now every day hundreds of lives are given to America because we are American ally.

Imran khan a good option for Pakistan

Pakistan’s politics has seen so many crises and so much ups and downs that it has now become a junk. In these hard times when elections are on their way, every political party is preparing and getting ready to make Pakistanis fool once again.

Taliban Good Or Bad?

From 2001 world is hearing that Taliban are bad people and all they want is to rule the world, kill all non muslims and beat women. Taliban are considered a group of barbarians who are illiterate killers.  But the reality is entirely opposite to this.

Pakistan's GDP growth rate during PPP regime (2007-2012)

GDP is abbreviation of gross domestic product, which is indicator of overall growth of economy in one fiscal year. Average GDP of Pakistan from 11952 till to date is 5.00, the highest rate of GDP was recorded 10.89 percent while lowest was -1.80 percent in years 1954 and 1952 respectively.  But Pakistani economy never had a reasonable GDP rate in her history.

Problems of Pakistani Society

Pakistani society is mix of people coming from different cultures. Before the inception of Pakistan, it was a land where muslims came from outside. The people from different cultures mingled and hence a new society of people emerged in Indian sun continent.

American Interest In Balochistan

And here is yet another attack to our sovereign country. We are now going to see yet another resolution passed by American parliament on yet another fake report. This time it was none other than balochistan. Baloch flag has already ben hoisted in several parts of the western world and baloch liberation parties’ active in balochistan has turned a deaf ear from the cries of rest of Pakistan.

Mujras Found In Laptops Distributed By Punjab Government

As the next elections are coming closer different parties are trying to attract people towards themselves. Peoples Party Federal Government and N League Punjab Government is launching different types of scheme to increase their Vote Bank. Recently Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif launched a scheme according to which over 1 Lakh Laptops are getting distributed in Students of Government Universities in Punjab which got over 60% Marks in Examinations.

Valentine's Day Is Contradictory With Pakistani Culture

This year as well Valentine's Day is about to come. It is celebrated every year on 14th February. On this day Boys and Girls proposes each other and gives gifts to each other. Its a Western festival but sad thing is that in recent years it has entered in Pakistani Society as well.

Beautiful Badshahi Mosque Of Lahore In Photos

Here is Beautiful and historic Badshahi Mosque Of Lahore In Photos.

Saeed Ajmal Daughter Message For Her Father After Whitewash

Saeed Ajmal Daughter Message For Her Father After Whitewash against the English Team in test series.

Pakistan's ODI Squad For Series Against England Announced

Pakistan got a brilliant victory in test series against England by doing a whitewash by 3-0 in UAE. Every Pakistani is happy on this great victory of team Pakistan. After Test series Pakistan will now be taking on England in ODI and T20 matches. On Monday PCB announced ODI and T20 squad of Pakistan team for series against England. Boom Boom Shahid Khan Afridi is also included in the squad. Following is Squad for ODI and T20 matches.

Tehreek Insaf Facebook Pages Are Back After Getting Hacked

Importance of Internet and Social Media has increased dramatically in last few years in world including Pakistan. Watching this Situation different political parties also brought their campaign to the world of social media. the most popular Pakistani political party on Social media is Tehreek Insaf which has several pages on Facebook having millions of fans. Imran Khan also has a official page on Facebook with massive number of fans.

Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed Photos

Following are Pilot Officer of Pakistan Air Force Rashid Minhas Shaheed Photos.

5 Behaviors of Pakistani Youth Which They Need To Change

Today our Youth is facing many problems and many of these problems are due to misuse of modern technologies such as Internet and Mobile Phone. I am myself a youngster and this is why i can see these problems in our Youth more clearly. I thought to create a post on this issue so i am going to discuss about some Behaviors of Pakistani Youth Which They Need To Change. So Following are these Behaviors.

Difa E Pakistan Conference Held In Rawalpindi

Difa E Pakistan was held on Sunday 22nd January in Liaqaut Bagh Rawalpindi today by Difa E Pakistan council in which different religious and political leaders participated. According to media reports it was a very large public gathering.

Difa E Pakistan Conference was organized by Jamaat Ud Dawa in which Jamaat E Islami leader Syed Munawar Hasan, JUD Chief Hafiz Saeed, Awami Muslim League Leader Sheikh Rasheed and many other leaders participated.

Speakers said that America is enemy of Pakistan and we will not allow Government to reopen Nato Supply. Jamaat Ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed said that America's defeat in Afghanistan is clear and India will also have to run from Afghanistan with America.  He also said that we will continue to support people of Kashmir on every platform.

Pakistani Cricketers Childhood Photos

Pakistani nation loves Cricket and Pakistani Cricketers. Today we have brought Pakistani Cricketers Childhood Photos for the fans.

1 Shahid Afridi

English Media and Players Trying To Pressurize Saeed Ajmal By Propaganda

I think we have not seen any Cricket series between Pakistan and England in the history during which any controversy was not created. From spot fixing to different allegations all types of controversies taken place whenever Pakistan and England played a cricket series.  These days Pakistan and England are in UAE to face each other in Test, ODI and T20 matches.

Arfa Karim Passed Away

We just came to know this socking news that World's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional Arfa Karim has passed away few minutes ago in CHM Hospital Lahore. according to media reports the heart of Arfa Karim stopped working due to which she passed away.

16 years old Arfa Karim became World's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in age of 9. last month she faced a cardiac arrest. Yesterday media reported that her health is improving but just few minutes ago we listened the shocking news of her death. May Allah SWT give her peace.

World's Youngest Microsoft Professional From Pakistan Arfa Karim Photos

Following are World's Youngest Microsoft Professional From Pakistan Arfa Karim Photos who is suffering from critical health conditions these days. She became World's Youngest Microsoft Professional at age of 9 in 2004.

Bill Gates Hires Doctors Team For Treatment of Pakistani Girl Arfa Karim

Founder of Microsoft and Former World's richest man Bill Gates has hired a team of good American doctors for treatment of Pakistani Girl Arfa Karim who became world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at age of 9 in 2004.  Arfa Karim is seriously ill and present in CMH Hospital Lahore from almost a month.

Bill Gates has talked to parents of Arfa Karim and also offered them treatment of Arfa in United States. Hired doctors of Bill Gates will help Pakistani doctors in treatment of Arfa through Internet and if it will be necessary they will also come to Pakistan for her treatment.

16 Years old Arfa Karim suffered from cardiac arrest due to epileptic seizure last month and from that time she is admitted to hospital in critical condition. Arfa Karim met Bill Gates in 2004 and also visited Headquarters of Microsoft after becoming world’s youngest MCP. I will request Pakistani nation to do Dua for recovery of Arfa Karim.

Most Popular Pakistani Pages on Facebook

Facebook has got massive popularity in Pakistan in last 2,3 years specially in year 2011. Today Pakistan has more than 5 million Facebook Users. Specially Pakistani Youth is very much attracted to Facebook. Pakistanis uses Facebook for different purposes specially to connect to their friends and relatives.  Some Pakistani Pages are also very popular On Facebook and they are having millions of Likes.  Today we are going to share list of some most popular Pakistani Facebook Pages.

Arfa Karim Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional Fighting For Life

Intelligent Pakistani Girl Arfa Karim who is World's Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional Fighting For her life in hospital.

Pakistan Also Tops For Searching Islam, Quran, Muhammad Pbuh On Google

Like last year at end of 2011 as well we are listening different media reports that Pakistanis searched the most for unethical websites on most famous Search Engine on the internet Google.  This news was indeed very embarrassing for all Pakistanis.  But there are also some good facts that you are not told about on media and i am going to share them now in my post.

Year 2011 In Pakistan In Photos

Presenting Different events of Year 2011 In Pakistan In Photos.