Pakistan Also Tops For Searching Islam, Quran, Muhammad Pbuh On Google

Like last year at end of 2011 as well we are listening different media reports that Pakistanis searched the most for unethical websites on most famous Search Engine on the internet Google.  This news was indeed very embarrassing for all Pakistanis.  But there are also some good facts that you are not told about on media and i am going to share them now in my post.

If many Pakistanis search for unethical websites then Pakistan is also on first place for searching many good things on Google.  Pakistan is on first place for searching the Words Quran, Muhammad Pbuh, Allah and Muslims on Google. Pakistan is on third place for searching the word Islam on Google after Indonesia and Malaysia. You may also be surprised to know that word Education and Study are searched the most in Pakistan on Google.  There are many other positive words for searching whom Pakistan is on the first place or in list of top 10.

So this research makes it clear that Pakistan not uses Internet only for wrong purposes and many of them are also using it in very positive way. What we need to do is to educate our people about positive use of Internet. On other hand PTA needs to block all unethical websites in Pakistan.