Afghanistan War and Its History

Afghanistan is that piece of land which remained a battle field for almost every nation since ages. Even when Indian sub continent was freed from British rule, Afghanistan was not a peaceful place.  When Pakistan came into being, Afghanistan and Pakistan disputed at durand line. This is a border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan and remains open for to and fro motion of people.

The first war which was fought after 1947 was afghan-USSR war. This war was fought when zia-ul haq was ruling Pakistan as marshal law administrator. Before soviet war, Afghanistan saw a bloody revolution in which the shah of afghan was killed and secular govt. took the reins of this country.

Then came soviets, they attacked Afghanistan for the main reason of gaining access to warm waters, which was quelled by Taliban who were created as a guerilla fighter organization. America funded Taliban against USSR and pakistan’s ISI trained these mujahids. USSR couldn’t stand long before Taliban and they had to run away from Afghanistan, but before leaving Afghanistan, USSR had to face the humiliation of its division into multiple independent states.

Soon after USSR left, internal war began in Afghanistan. This war was fought mainly to take control of the leadership reins of the country. After long battle, Taliban won and established shariah govt. this govt. was one of its kind because it was based on pure Islamic rules. But as usual, this govt. was criticized the most in non muslim world. Every now and then false stories of muslim atrocities were aired and world was convinced by the non muslim west that muslims are bad.

Then world witnessed a new drama called new world order. The first step of this new world order was to divide and destroy muslims. For this, the false drama of 9/11 was directed and played. After Iraq, Afghanistan was attacked because America convinced the world that osama bin laden, the most wanted terrorist by fbi and cia , was hiding in afghani mountains. For this America attacked Afghanistan and Pakistan willingly gave her bases to America for air strikes.

From that day to date, Afghanistan is a battle field and America, just like Russia, has lost this war. Taliban that were once friends of America are now her bitter enemies. America is once again having dialogues with Taliban because she wants a safe exit from Afghanistan.

This false war is proven false just like Iraq and Vietnam War because Osama bin laden who was most wanted for 9/11 is not wanted for 9/11 at all. This fact can be checked from FBI official web site where he is charged with many other crimes except 9/11.

During afghan-america war, more than 1000000 innocent civilians died and millions are wounded.  This war has adversely affected Pakistan, more than 35 thousand civilians have died to date, thousands of innocent civilians die daily in drone attacks and military attacks by American and Pakistan army.

Afghanistan war is about to be over, but the humiliation which Pakistan earned because of this war is never ending. It is because of this that today America has threatened Pakistan over balochistan issue. Afghan war has earned Americans humiliation, economic downfall and bad name in world.