American Interest In Balochistan

And here is yet another attack to our sovereign country. We are now going to see yet another resolution passed by American parliament on yet another fake report. This time it was none other than balochistan. Baloch flag has already ben hoisted in several parts of the western world and baloch liberation parties’ active in balochistan has turned a deaf ear from the cries of rest of Pakistan.

The recent resolution presented in American parliament has opened so many gates of worries for Pakistani nation. Should we still believe in our establishment about our country? Should we still listen to their lame excuses and should we still live in false hopes of happy future?

Pakistan was once divide under the slogan of “liberate bangal” and now again Pakistan is being threatened under the slogan of “liberate balochistan”.

Balochistan is part of Pakistan since the very first day. This land had never experienced any trouble or any violence in the beginning but then slowly and gradually, india, iran and now America has intervened into its affairs and has funded extremist parties in balochistan.

At first, America kept on chanting that mulla omer and all Taliban establishments reside in quetta and named it “quetta shoora”. America wanred and threatened Pakistan many times on this issue and said that if Pakistan govt. and army do not attack Taliban there, she will herself attack balochistan. This, some how pressurized Pakistani establishment and army started attacking any resistance in balochistan.

FC appointed in balochistan to look after its law and order situation has become so independent that they can kill any one even if they doubt his/her intentions. Some sorry incidents occurred at the hands of FC which enraged the baloch separatists further and they took weapons and started killing and attacking army convoys. Army and political establishment both are equally responsible for the political situation of balochistan. Had politicians taken balochistan problem seriously and had army not killed people so liberally, the situation would have far better than what it is today.

The reasons why America is taking so much interest in balochistan all of a sudden is its natural resources and its location. Balochistan shares borders with Afghanistan and iran. Also balochistan shares its borders with warm waters of Indian Ocean.

If America gets hold of balochistan, she will be able to take care of many matters in indo pak region without any trouble whatsoever. Natural resources like oil, gas, gold and other precious stones and minerals are also an added advantage to rule balochistan.

If our military as well political establishment do not wake up, soon we will see Pakistan divided into four states and then there will remain no Pakistan at all. May ALLAh save us from that day, but let’s wake up.