Mobile Phones, Internet and Pakistani Youth

Globe has shrunk and has become global village with invent of internet. Then came mobiles and world converged a little more when mobile also started running internet. Today, we see this high tech. mobile in almost every hand.

Mobile and internet is easily available to everyone because it is very cheap to access. Today, you have to have only 20 rupees in your mobile to activate 1000 or so sms for a week. You may only have to pay 1000 rupees and you will get unlimited access to internet for a month.

Mobile and internet are useful undoubtedly but they have also proved to be harmful for the society as a whole because it has become very easy to take the reins in your hand do whatever you want. First we will see how mobile has become a bane for our society and after that the internet.

Mobile has become a common device in Pakistan around year 2005 when different mobile companies started advertising attractive and cheap call and sms packages country wide. This was initially taken as   bliss but then slowly and gradually it became a headache for our society. Numbers belonged to girls were mis used by pervert minds and later on this became a game for both the genders. Many unregistered sims were bought and used until Pakistan regulatory authority declared it a crime to use unregistered sims.

2 years later, it was identified by authorities that all those numbers registered on female id cards are sold for mis use. Because of this rapid, open and un-checked use of mobiles, it has become a curse rather than a usefull technology.

Internet was introduced long before mobiles. From the very start chatting was figured out as entertainment. Internet has never been used as a useful tool for educational purposes more than it is used as a free source of entertainment. With the passage of time, internet speed is increased and useful use is declined.  Still a part of our youth uses internet to spread islam instead of using it in wrong manner.

The use of mobile and internet should be kept under check. This will only liberate Pakistani society from the evil and illegal use of technology.