Pakistan's GDP growth rate during PPP regime (2007-2012)

GDP is abbreviation of gross domestic product, which is indicator of overall growth of economy in one fiscal year. Average GDP of Pakistan from 11952 till to date is 5.00, the highest rate of GDP was recorded 10.89 percent while lowest was -1.80 percent in years 1954 and 1952 respectively.  But Pakistani economy never had a reasonable GDP rate in her history.

Pakistan is also a failed nation with respect to political leadership. No leadership has ever came with honest intentions. Every person took the charge of higher rank and looted this country as much as he could. But some of them were capable enough to make economy look good.

Musharraf was one of those leaders who presented rosy picture of future and made such cash flow sheets which mislead many investors as well as nation. This is why soon after musharaf left, Pakistan was once again bankrupted and appealed the world to helpl. Once again we are given huge loans with strict terms. These loans have further shattered Pakistani economy. Anyway, let us have a look at how GDP grew in 4 years of PPP govt.

In fiscal year 2007-08 GDP was 6.81 which was reduced to 3.68 in fiscal year 2008-09. In fiscal year 2009-10 it further reduced to 1.72, during year 2010-11 it increased to 3.76 and in ongoing year 2011-12 it is only 2.39.

These figures show that despite of all the claims made by govt. our GDP did not increase. Despite of all the loans we took and the entire donation we got, our economic growth remained a question mark.

The inflation rate of Pakistan during PPP regime is as follows: during 2007-08, it was 19.27, 2008-09 it was 14.39, 2009-10 it was 13.07, 2010-11 13.23 and in ongoing fiscal year it is 10.1.

inflation rate and GDP comparison shows that despite of constant investment as claimed by govt. inflation rate is on rise and GDP rate is on decrease. This shows how PPP has spent these four years of her regime. Indeed corruption is the only thing this govt did honestly.