Problems of Pakistani Society

Pakistani society is mix of people coming from different cultures. Before the inception of Pakistan, it was a land where muslims came from outside. The people from different cultures mingled and hence a new society of people emerged in Indian sun continent.

This new society became a mix of cultures, languages and ways of life. People appreciated something and discouraged some rituals and hence the diverse culture became a little confusing for everyone.

Pakistan was made in the name of islam because in Indian subcontinent it became very difficult for muslims to lead their lives according to islam. But this dream of an Islamic state proved to be a lie. This land of dreams became land of shattered dreams. Corruption paved its way from the day first and started eating at the very core of the foundations of our society.

Other related problems which arose with the creation of this new state were mis- management, lack of leadership and bad economic conditions. Pakistani nation tried to get rid of these problems but with the passage of time, things started to take bad shapes.

Politics of Pakistani leadership became a race of greedy for power people. Economy of Pakistan became an old dying man, management and establishment proved to be such diseases for which there was no cure.
last but not the least, terrorism and killings became routine for Pakistani nationals. Un-employment, law and order situation, international isolation slipped in and Pakistan was trapped.

Karachi is now hub of a politicians who became politicians after spilling blood of countless innocents. This political party wants to have everything inside Pakistan and outside Pakistan and for this they are all capable to create un-rest and killing. Similarly, in other provinces we see same kind of situation.

Pakistan is not only troubled from inside but is also troubled by its allies and its friends at borders. Since the day Pakistan has taken part in “war on terror” Pakistan has become hub of all kinds of terrorist activities. The reason why Pakistan is facing so much of problems, as a society and as a nation is; Pakistan lacks proper leaders, an true Islamic system of governance and an Islamic system of nation.