The Sorry Affairs of Pakistan’s politics since her inception

Since her inception, Pakistan has faced hard times when it comes to politics and economy. This country has never seen any honest leader but only rulers have came and go, they ruled snatched up to their abilities and ran away. Some of them died, while some others were thrown in jails for some time and they again did the same thing to this country.

People often wonder, what made this country bear constant losses and still this country survives. Some attribute this with blessings of ALLAH, some say that this land is home to many sufi saints while some others still believe that this land is surviving because of them. Whatever the case is, we still are living in an independent country.

The history of Pakistan is filled with treachery and dishonesty. Pakistan is snarled with corruption, inflation, poverty, hunger, un-employment from last 64 years. Since last decade, short after 9/11, another thing struck Pakistan, which is commonly known as terrorism.  it is because of this terrorism that Pakistan is isolated in almost everything. No country with money wants to invest in Pakistan will-fully because of the sorry law and order situation.

There are so many problems in Pakistan that they cannot be summarized. To identify them and to categorize them will be a lengthy task. Real issue is not to identify them only but also to find suitable solutions.
Before going to find some solutions, we must understand and identify the root cause of all these problems. Since the very beginning, Pakistan has seen a major problem in its management and organization.

When Pakistan came into being, a greedy lot also established itself and started growing without any potential hazards. Though every person in power declared war on corruption but this disease never stopped from growing. The results eventually pave way for every greedy and dishonest person to take the reins of this country and take it wherever he wanted. So the root cause of every problem in Pakistan is only and only corruption.

Corruption flourished particularly in the times when bureaucrats jumped into politics. The business oriented minds looked for self interests as they used to see in their business and destroyed the very definition of leadership.

The remaining destruction was done by generals who did not realize that if they assume dual role, they will never be able to do justification with any of them. This greed of power and riches and name has done much harm to this country that it cannot be measured. This is why we can say with liberty that corruption is the root cause of every trouble in Pakistan or in other words, all the other problems are associated and related to corruption only.

What could be the possible solution? Well, you may find 100,000 solutions, theories and all but why to look for philosophers and democracies to find the solution when we already have it in our own religion! Since Pakistan was made only with one view point, i.e. Islam.

So it is only possible with Islamic system of governance to kill the ill side of our society. If only people in our country start adhering to Islamic rule of honesty and truthfulness, all major problems will be solved. Thus the sorry state of affairs in Pakistan can be transformed into happy state of affairs.