Taliban Good Or Bad?

From 2001 world is hearing that Taliban are bad people and all they want is to rule the world, kill all non muslims and beat women. Taliban are considered a group of barbarians who are illiterate killers.  But the reality is entirely opposite to this.

Word “taliban” is plural of talib which means student. So Taliban literally means students of islam. Mullah omer who by profession is neurosurgeon, gathered people from across Afghanistan during soviet invasion and these people fought against ussr and defeated it, not only defeated it but tore it into pieces. Taliban became a symbol of terror not because of their activities but because of false propaganda of west.

Taliban were trained by Pakistan army and they were funded by American govt. USA funded Taliban because she never wanted Russia to have upper hand in asia. After 9/11 america wanted to have hold on asian region.

9/11 was carved just to provide America a reason to invade all the powerful Islamic nations.
After Iraq, Afghanistan became target because, just like saddam hussain, Taliban realized that America cannot be friends with any one, but she only goes for her interests. Taliban when gain control of the internal affairs of Afghanistan, they implemented shariah there and in four years, poppy cultivation was eradicated from Afghanistan. Similarly other constructive developments were made.

Soon after America attacked Afghanistan, poppy cultivation and trade started again. in all these years, Taliban were fought but they could never be defeated despite of the use of the most modern and sophisticated technologies and arms.

Now, America wants to have peace dialogues with Taliban, and she has already declared mullah omer and other Taliban leaders “innocent”. Another fact which is not known to many of us is that osama bin laden who was wanted for 9/11 was not wanted for this “crime”, he was wanted for other false cases.

America is defeated and humiliated in Afghanistan very badly, there is no way for America to get out of this place but with humiliation. Now, America wants to prove to the world that if Taliban open their “office ” in Qatar, it means a;; they wanted was money and rule, but taliban has denied any dialogues and any kind of peace talk with America.

If only we nuteraly look at the matters of Afghanistan and America, we will come to the conclusion that it was not Taliban who did all the crimes but America who not only funded terrorists but also did all the crimes and killings.