Growing Hatred In Afghan Public Against America and Nato

At a time when US and Nato are talking about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in next couple of years by completing their mission the hatred in people of Afghanistan against foreign troops is on the rise massively. The cause of this increasing hatred is repetitive incidents like Quran Burning, Civilian Killings by US and Nato Soldiers.

In last few months such incidents has increased very much. in just last few weeks several big incidents taken place like Quran blasphemy by US Soldiers,  Pissing on the dead bodies and this week killing of 16 Afghan Kids and Women by a US Soldier.

Such incidents has increased the support for Afghan Taliban very much. In last few weeks we witnessed big protests in Afghanistan against foreign troops in which people raised slogans in support of Taliban.  US and Nato has already failed to defeat Taliban and now such incidents will became a cause of complete failure for US and Nato mission in Afghanistan.