Pakistani People Should Change Themselves First If They Want Good Rulers

Bashing Corrupt Rulers Like Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Pervez Musharraf is very common in Pakistan. We can  see on roads, Shops, TV everywhere people bashing these Politicians for their corruption. Yes it is truth that Pakistani Politicians are corrupt and they played major role in destroying Pakistan but question is what about Pakistani Society???? Is Pakistani Society honest???

Are we common Pakistanis honest??? We don't do corruption in our businesses? We do our Jobs rightly??? We pay taxes?? the truth is that we Pakistanis as a whole are corrupt.  Corruption is common in our society. all of us wants to get rich no matter how?  we earn profits in businesses by lying and selling poor products. we don't like to do hard work on our Jobs specially Government Jobs. Leave other things aside Its even hard to get pure Milk in Pakistan a country which is one of the largest producer of Milk.

My point is simple that if we want honest rulers then we ourselves will have to become honest first. When we will become honest we will also be able to find honest rulers. that will be time when our country will do progress.