4 Tips For Pakistani Girls For Their Security and Privacy

Its 2013 a modern world where use of Mobile, Social Networking sites is very common. But this modern technology is also misused in many ways specially it can be harmful for your privacy if misused. If we come out of technology world the Mistreatment with girls has also become common in our society.  So i am going to share some important tips for security of girls online and offline. Following are these tips.

1 Be Careful On Social Networking sites:  Yes Internet has many benefits and it is full of enjoyment but it also has many harms.  Girls should be careful while using internet specially social networking sites. try to avoid using your real photos on social sites. Don't accept friend requests of unknown people.

2 Be Careful While Using Mobile:  Use of Mobile has also become very common in our society. Girls should also be careful in use of this technology. Don't tell your name if unknown person calls you and asks your name. Also don't let any unknown person make your photo or Video with his mobile.  Parents should also check what their kids are doing on Phones.

3 Learn  Martial Arts: Another great thing that girls can do for their security is learning Martial Arts. If you learn Martial Arts you can prepare yourself to face any tough situation.

4 Wear Modest Dress: Boys mostly likes to go after those girls which wears immodest dresses like Tight clothes or Jeans. So Girls should wear modest dress and Hijab for their security.

These are four simple tips every Pakistani girls should follow for their privacy and security.