Pakistanis Should Be Careful While Using SMS Service

The users of mobile phones have reached 116 million in Pakistan recently. Pakistan is a nation which sends billions of SMS messages every year more than most of countries of the world. the trend of forwarding SMS Messages on various issues is very common in Pakistan.

Most of us forward SMS Messages without even verifying the information those messages contains. These includes religious, ethnic, provincial, castes related messages. Many a times these Messages contains wrong information or hatred and we forward them without even thinking. the implications of spreading these messages can be serious and can spread hatred so we should be careful about using SMS service.

For example some messages contains Jokes about Pathans or some contains Hadiths which not even exists. so i would suggest all my fellow Pakistanis to use their minds before forwarding a SMS. Recently this issue was also discussed in famous Hasb E Haal Show by Azizi, Najia and Junaid. Following is that Video.