Pakistanis Upset With Growing Inflation and Corruption of Government

Foods to Petrol and Property to Dresses the prices of everything are going up like a rocket in Pakistan in recent years in Pakistan Peoples Party Government and the reasons are clear. Corruption, dishonesty and incompetence of Present Government. the biggest thieves of Pakistan are sitting in Government in Pakistan.

Asif Ali Zardari the man who became second richest man of Pakistan by corruption is President of Pakistan. whole family of Prime Minister Gilani is involved in Corruption scandals. Other ministers are also doing the same. Pakistan's economy is going towards destruction. couple of days ago petrol prices has crossed 100 Rs Litre for first time in history.

People of Pakistan are sad, upset and angry. they immediately want end of this Government. at this time Pakistanis are seeing Imran Khan as a hope and alternative who can bring change. Now time will tell whether Imran Khan will be able to bring a change or not in Pakistan???