Mangoes Hits Pakistani Market

Every Year when summer comes Pakistanis becomes worried with massive Load Shedding and Heat but one thing which makes most of them happy is arrival of Mangoes. Mangoes is one of the most delicious Fruit in the world and this is why it is also called King of Fruits. There are more than 150 types of mangoes produced in Pakistan every year.

Angry Imran New Game For Mobiles About Imran Khan's Tsunami

All of us love to play games on our Android and Apple Phones of Sports, Action, Puzzles but what about a political game? yes there is a political game named Angry Imran launched for Android Phones in the Google Play Store.

Should Pakistan Have a Directly Elected President?

Should we have directly elected President? basically direct democracy through directly elected leadership.
My concerns are arising out of the peculiar circumstances prevailing in Pakistan where democracy & parliamentary process have been reduced to a joke.

Life of PTI Chairman Imran Khan In Photos

Imran Khan a former Pakistani Cricketer and now a Pakistani Politician is considered a great legend in Pakistan. In his captaincy Pakistan won 1992 Cricket World Cup. Later on Imran Khan made Pakistan's biggest free Cancer hospital. Now a days Imran Khan is trying his luck in Politics and recent surveys suggests that his party is most popular right now in Pakistan and he may win next elections of 2013.

Fauzia Wahab Seriously ill, Shifted To ICU

Pakistan Peoples Party Leader Fauzia Wahab who is famous for her hard talks in Political programs has fell seriously ill and shifted to ICU in a private hospital of Karachi.

First Body Recovered From Siachen Gayari Sector

50 Days ago almost 140 Pakistan Army Soldiers where buried under a avalanche in Gayari Sector of Siachen. From that day Rescue operation is underway by Pakistan Army Soldiers and finally after hard work of 50 days first body is recovered.

Shahid Afridi Becomes Father Of Third Baby Girl

According to reports of various News sites Pakistan's Former Cricket Captain Shahid Khan Afridi has became father of third baby Girl on Sunday 20th May 2012.  Shahid Afridi already has two daughters and now he has became father of third daughter.

Beautiful Faisal Masjid In Photos

Faisal Masjid is one of the largest and most beautiful Masjid located In Pakistan's Capital Islamabad. Following we are sharing some Beautiful Faisal Masjid Photos.

Pakistani Rulers Must Learn From Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has reached Pakistan last night on his 3 days official tour with his wife. Tayyip Erdogan is a man who changed luck of Turkey in few years and today Turkey is one of fastest growing and largest economy of the world.  Tayyip Erdogan belonged to a poor family and in childhood he used to collect Garbage from streets of Turkey but this man with his honesty, sacrifice and continues struggle changed the face of Turkey.

PTCL Now Has 1 Million Internet Broadband Users in Pakistan

If there are so many negative things about Pakistan then positive things are also not less and one of those positive thing is increasing use of Internet in Pakistan's every Village, Town and City. PTCL announced earlier this week that their Internet Broadband users has crossed the limit of 1 Million recently.

Hyrbyair and Balach Marri Exposed

There are some people who enjoyed power in the past in Balochistan. Now a days these people are sitting Western Countries and their groups are spreading Terrorism in Balochistan province of Pakistan through Afghanistan border under supremacy of American and Indian Intelligence agencies.

Different Jalsas of Imran Khan In Photos

During last one year Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and Imran Khan has done some of the largest Jalsas in history of Pakistan in big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar. All these Jalsas shows that People of Pakistan wants a change. Following we are presenting some photos of Imran Khan Jalsas.

Pakistanis Are Angry With Hillary Clinton

Anger against America is already on top in Muslim world specially Pakistan due to policies of US Governments and invasion of Muslim countries one after another. Hatred against America is growing in Pakistan day by day due to Drone attacks which killed many Civilians and attacks like Salala in which Pakistani soldiers where killed by Nato Troops. My recent observation shows that People of Pakistan are also very angry at US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

American and Indian Influence In Pakistani Media

The biggest damage done to Pakistan under this present filthy regime is on the front of Islamic ideology, Pakistani identity and our values, faith, culture and dignity. The CIA backed people are now in total control of our Media, Education and Society where they are imparting vulgar western immoral atheistic values into our children especially our women and girls.

Mobile Internet Becomes Cheaper In Pakistan

Like Mobile Industry use of Internet is also becoming common in Pakistan and Mobile Phone companies knows that. Seeing this different Mobile Phone Companies in Pakistan has reduced their charges for use of Internet on Mobile greatly. These companies has launched many attractive low cost Internet package for daily use to attract maximum users.

5 New Interviews of Imran Khan In May 2012

Following are 5 New Interviews of Imran Khan In May 2012 with various TV Channels.

Photos Collection of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Photos Collection of Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah a great politician and founder of Pakistan.

Coal Gasification in Pakistan To Produce Electricity

In Pakistan many coal reserves are present but the biggest coal reserve is present in area of Sindh called THAR .Thar is dessert area of Sindh . It is one of most backward areas of Pakistan . Its population is about ten lacks. people are deprived from many facilities.