American and Indian Influence In Pakistani Media

The biggest damage done to Pakistan under this present filthy regime is on the front of Islamic ideology, Pakistani identity and our values, faith, culture and dignity. The CIA backed people are now in total control of our Media, Education and Society where they are imparting vulgar western immoral atheistic values into our children especially our women and girls.

The advertisement companies have crossed all limits of sharam and Haya. The Major news channels have become touts of Indian filthy culture spreading porn even in headline news. Muslim women are being corrupted in every possible way they can. When a woman is corrupted, many new generations are corrupted with it as mother makes a nation.

While we defend Pakistan geographically, we must not ignore the sinister attacks on our ideology, faith and culture. That is the real war. The damage to Sharia and Islamic thought is more severe than losses we have suffered on ground. The front of Ideology must be more jealously guarded. We are noting each and every move by these snakes and by Allah, all those involved will be held to most severe accountability according to Islamic laws in Pakistan, InshAllah very soon!

Spread our message and programs to every university, collage and schools and be the soldiers in defending the ideological and spiritual foundations and boundaries of Pak sarzameen. Till, the time, we have a pious government in place, we do this duty ourselves. Join the battle and spread out NOW. The enemy is upon and within us already.