Coal Gasification in Pakistan To Produce Electricity

In Pakistan many coal reserves are present but the biggest coal reserve is present in area of Sindh called THAR .Thar is dessert area of Sindh . It is one of most backward areas of Pakistan . Its population is about ten lacks. people are deprived from many facilities.

These reserves of coal are 30 times greater than gas reserves in Pakistan. These reserves are found in such a time when there are no roads in thar .These coal reserves are 7th biggest reserves in World. In area of thar there are about 175 billion ton coal is present under the earth.

Naveed naem a drilling engineer drill about 700 different area of thar and find these coal reserves.  Naveed naem also complete his report and send to the government of Pakistan in this report he tells in which depth coal reserves are present ,what is thickness of these layers of coal , what is the condition of water under earth and in which areas these reserves are present For this purpose about   51076   meter  drilling is done . He started his work in 1992 and submitted his report in 2001 .His team dug 36 wells for Dr, Summar Mubarakmand. during  drilling one problem is created that if water reaches to the coal reserves then whole project will fail.To prevent this he made wall of cement around  each hole so water cannot reach to the coal reserves. It was looking impossible to the coal  because firstly about 600 meter earth than 150 meter sand and 150 meter water was present  above the coal . Dr Summar Mubarakmand found that many countries of the World were using another method to use coal energy which is called gasification of coal.

In this method coal was combust under the earth and gas was extracted and use for power generation and  for other purposes . The project of making gassifier plant was givien to Mirza Abdul Smad Baig by Dr Sumar Mubarakmand.   Mirza Abdul Smad Baig was actually a geologist  which study about changes under the earth . In this project three different plants will made . First plant is of coal gassifier in which coal is burn and gas is produced second plant is for purification in which different gases are separated and in third plant power is generated .

Dr Summar Mubarakmand  claimed that government has passed bill of 115 million dollar but only 8 million dollar are given to this project due to which this project is delayed , He said in his interview that if government give  proper funds on time then he can complete his project in  2013.

Dr Summar Mubarakmand also said that with this project he can fulfill the requirement of diesel of Pakistan.

Environmental hazards of coal gasification project

Carbon dioxide emissions are the essential outcome of coal combustion  it has been indicated that the current level of carbon dioxide emissions in the air are enough to disrupt earth’s carbon dioxide equilibrium. Carbon dioxide has been identified as a heat trapping gas it retains the infrared radiations returning from earth to sun, thus causing the global temperature to rise.

The global warming resulting from carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases may have several catastrophic impacts upon the environment. These impacts include melting of polar ice, rise in sea-levels and the consequent flooding of coastal areas. In addition, it may increase erosion of coastal lands subjecting coastal buildings and their residents to increased risks of violent storms.

Bituminous coal  contains small amounts of sulfur and nitrogen. Combustion of coal  converts them to sulfur and nitrogen oxides respectively. These oxides, upon reaction with water in the atmosphere, result in precipitation of acid, sometimes also called acid rain. Acid rain is often prevalent downwind from coal burning  indicating the connection between acid formation and airborne emissions caused by coal-fired

in the beginning  of this project world care team with his manager came to Dr Samar and claimed that in this project due to combustion of coal in open air produce air pollution and may cause many diseases not only in Pakistan but also in other countries of the region. Dr Samar said that their point is not wrong but in this project our team combust the coal beneath the earth and gasses produced due to the combustion of coal will sent in purifier plant and carbon particles in these gasses are snatched with different processes. The Carbon Dioxide gas produce during the combustion is collected and again used for coal combustion process. So the environmental pollution due to this project is minimized.

On one hand this project will be very useful for people of Pakistan as it will produce massive electricity but on the other hand due to this project the people of Thar will have to leave their houses their lands and their jobs as well. Government of Pakistan should help in migration of these people from Thar to safer places and give them proper facilities for living. Government should also pay these people for their lands which they left behind in Thar.

In Thar there are about 1.5 Lakh peacocks which adds in the beauty of this desert. in result of this project these peacocks should also have to migrate like people of Thar. Government should handel this project in such a way that the environment for these peacocks remains safer and these beautiful birds are not effected.