Should Pakistan Have a Directly Elected President?

Should we have directly elected President? basically direct democracy through directly elected leadership.
My concerns are arising out of the peculiar circumstances prevailing in Pakistan where democracy & parliamentary process have been reduced to a joke.

Any one who does not have a direct stake in political spoils can clearly see that. The only people who support this process of political control are those who are directly benefiting from one or the other party or "notables" in power. While MP's are elected on totally local & parochial issues, challenges of the Pakistani state are regional and global in reach and dimension. The issues of regional peace, internal stability, economic growth, energy, water and dealing with the US are totally beyond the capacity of the political class Pakistan has or can ever emerge out of the kind of constituency based elections we have. Because winning these elections need a totally different kind of mindset and world view than what is needed to govern from Islamabad. Pakistan desperately needs a rethink & reform of its political model.

And directly elected officials like President & Governors can be one such step. Without any prejudice to anyone, we can see that 65% of Pakistanis who are under 30/33 years of age derive no inspiration, confidence or sense of direction from any of the top leaders. Direct elections for key offices will usher a different kind of leadership, the kind of leadership that is simply not present in Pakistan or has not been seen since the death of ZA Bhutto. For the simple reason that anyone who has to win the confidence of people from Khyber to Karachi, from Swat to Sukkhur and from Abottabad to Quetta has to take everybody along, such leadership needs to weave a national narrative, a story that can connect everyone or most in different parts of a large country.

the fears of large province dominating in such elections can be overcome by a 2-3 step process in which all candidates failing to win a certain minimum vote cast from each province will be knocked out in the initial stage. Such powerful directly elected Presidents & Governors should be balanced by elected houses in the center and the provinces...however this political reform will need directly elected local bodies and city governments. while Pakistani political class will find 101 ways to malign this argument the reality is ideas like these should be on the table and on the minds of all young educated Pakistanis. India has many advantages over Pakistani system (long discussion, as to why?) but even India needs to move towards directly elected offices on the American style.