Is Pakistan Spreading Ethnic Tensions In Indian Assam?

Is Pakistan Spreading Ethnic Tensions In Indian Assam? a great response by Ahmed Qureshi to Indian allegations on Al Jazeera TV.

Heera Mandi (Shahi Mohalla) In Photos

Heera Mandi (Shahi Mohalla) Also known as Diamond Market of Lahore In Photos.

Will Imran Khan PTI Be Able To Sweep In Next Elections of 2013?

We often hear from Chairman Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan that his party will sweep in next elections of 2013 and will be able to get majority in the Parliament. Even i as a youngster who wants to see a change in Pakistan would want that, but the question is that can PTI really do that? Can they win the election all alone in a country like Pakistan?

Should Prepaid Mobile Sims Be Permanently Blocked in Pakistan?

Mobile Phones got popular in Pakistan in year of 2004, 2005 and with each passing year Mobile users are growing more and more in Pakistan. Now almost every person is having a mobile phone. Most of people are using Prepaid Mobile Sims in their phones.

Eid Ul Fitr 2012 To Be Celebrated On Monday In Pakistan and India

In Saudi Arabia several Arab and European Countries Eid Ul Fitr 2012 will be celebrated on Sunday 19th August 2012. In Pakistan Eid Ul Fitr will be celebrated on Monday 20th August as moon was not sighted On Saturday evening. Royat-e-Hilal Committee taken decision of Celebrating Eid on Monday after meetings in various cities.

Small Documentary On Pakistan Hockey Legend Sohail Abbas

Small Documentary On Pakistan Hockey Legend Sohail Abbas who has title of scoring most goals in history of hockey ever.

What Pakistanis Searched Most On Google During Last 12 Months?

Google largest Search Engine On Internet is used daily by several million Pakistanis to search thousands of different types of terms. But would you like to know what Pakistanis search most on Google? We are presenting some statistics with you that what Pakistanis searched most on Google during last 12 months August 2011 to August 2012?

Pakistani Media Fells To Lowest Level To Get High Ratings This Ramadan

With the arrival of Ramadan like every year many special programs are aired on different TV Channels of Pakistan to discuss Islamic and Ramadan related issues. But the sad and shocking thing is that most of the people who are doing these programs are characterless people and has nothing to do with Islam.

Eid Ul Fitr 2012 in Pakistan

Holy Month of Ramadan is passing away quickly and we are already in third and last Ashra of the Ramadan Ul Mubarak 2012. As this blessed month will finish Muslim throughout the planet will celebrate their Islamic Festival called Eid Ul Fitr. Its Celebrated every year after fasting for a month in Ramadan.

14 August Celebrations in Pakistan Photos

14 August is a very special day for every Pakistani because on this day Muslims of Subcontinent got their freedom after giving millions of sacrifices of lives, homes, properties and many other things that we can't even imagine. Every year this day is Celebrated in Pakistan in special way. Following are some photos of 14 August Celebrations in Pakistan.