Pakistani Media Fells To Lowest Level To Get High Ratings This Ramadan

With the arrival of Ramadan like every year many special programs are aired on different TV Channels of Pakistan to discuss Islamic and Ramadan related issues. But the sad and shocking thing is that most of the people who are doing these programs are characterless people and has nothing to do with Islam.

Pakistani Media has fallen to its lowest level in try to get high ratings and earn more money. For example Geo TV has hired Dr Aamir Liaquat whose real face is already exposed in front of world in a leaked video on Youtube. Now he will teach us Islam this whole Ramadan and even after that on largest TV Channel of Pakistan.

Another example is of Veena Malik. Its same Veena Malik who exposed her body for a Indian Magazine few months back and now she is doing a Islamic show this Ramadan on Hero TV. We have several other examples as well.

Large no. of people even protested against this decision of TV Channels to hire these people but Pakistani Electronic media has gone crazy for money and is ready to show anything.