Pakistanis Do Protest But Please Peacefully

Every Muslim Loves Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon him more than his own life and when someone targets his personality every Muslim not matter where he lives feels pain. Incidents of Blasphemy against our beloved Prophet SAW are taking place again and again in name of freedom of speech in recent years.

This time again a American Extremist made a Film against our beloved Prophet and Uploaded it on Youtube. American Government refused to take action against that person. The Video was also not removed by Youtube Officials.

This Situation was really painful for Muslims and they came out on roads to protest around the world specially in middle east. Many Protests even turned violent.

Even in Pakistan lot of protests are taking place and in many protests various Buildings are also harmed. I would request all my Pakistani brothers that do Protest but peacefully because we are only harming ourselves by destroying assets of our Country.

Remember the teachings of our beloved Prophet in whose name we are doing these protests.