Hafiz Saeed Aid Offer For Sandy and American Response

Jamat Ud Dawa always takes parts in various relief works whenever any natural disaster hits Pakistan. It also taken part in relief works in other countries. But yesterday we heard a interesting news that Jamat Ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has offered aid for American Storm Sandy which has done huge destruction in US.

Storm Sandy Photos

Various American States are hit by a massive Storm named Sandy. Following are some of its photos.

Marriage Problems in Pakistan

Marriage is a beautiful relationship which unites two people for their lifetime. Every person wishes to find a good life partner with whom he/she can spend the life happily. But now a days Problems before and after marriage are growing very much in Pakistan's society such as Divorces, fights, dowry demands.

Eid Ul Adha 2012 in Pakistan

Eid Ul Adha whose other name is Big Eid or Eid e Qurban Is an Islamic Festival which Muslims celebrates every year. Animals are also sacrificed on this Eid. Following are some photos of Eid Ul Adha in Pakistan.

Eid Ul Adha Will Be On 27th October 2012 In Pakistan

The Islamic month of Zul Hijjah is already underway as its moon was sighted earlier this week after which zonal committee announced that Eid Ul Adha will be celebrated on Saturday 27th October 2012 across Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi Says He Is Not Retiring

Popular Pakistani All Rounder Cricketer Shahid Afridi is going through tough times now a days as he is in very poor form from few months. He failed to perform in T20 World Cup 2012 with ball as well as bat. He was also not able to show great performance against Aussies in UAE.

Malala Yousafzai's Health Is Improving: Doctors

14 Years old young Pakistani Girl from Swat Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head yesterday while coming back from her school in the bus is out of danger now according to Doctors. Doctors has done a 3 hours surgery of Malala and bullet is also removed after which her condition has improved.

Call Rates To Pakistan From Other Countries Goes Up 500%

Perhaps there is no part of Pakistan society which has not faced trouble by the acts of present corrupt Zardari Government.

PTI Imran Khan Peace March

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf done a Peace March towards South Waziristan on 6th and 7th October 2012 in leadership of Imran Khan against American Drone strikes in Tribal areas which are causing many Civilian deaths. In this peace march large no of Western Activists also taken part. Imran Khan also addressed the march in Tank. Following are some photos of this peace march.

Animals For Eid Qurbani 2012 In Pakistan Bakras Cows Photos

Photos of Various Types of Animals For Eid Ul Adha Qurbani 2012 In Pakistan Bakras Cows and more.

Buy Eid Qurbani Bakras Online In Pakistan 2012

Its Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW To do Qurbani of Animals on the occasion  of Eid Ul Adha every year in memory of Prophet Ibrahim's sacrifice. Like Muslims around the world Pakistanis also sacrifice millions of animals every year on Eid Ul Adha. Goats, Cows are most sacrificed animals in Pakistan.

Should Azhar Mahmood Play For Pakistan's T20 Team?

At a time when most of senior Pakistani players are failing to perform specially in T20 Cricket a senior Pakistani cricketer is performing very well in different Leagues by giving all round performances with bat and ball.

Is T20 The Future of Cricket?

Cricket is a century old sport which started first of all in format of Test. Later on ODI format was introduced in Cricket which remained very popular for almost two decades. But the latest exciting format that is introduced in the International Cricket in last few years is known as T20.

Abdul Razzaq Apologizes To Pakistan Cricket Board

Pakistani All Rounder Cricketer Abdul Razzaq is in news from last two weeks for criticizing Pakistan's T20 Captain Muhammad Abdul Hafeez for not including him in the playing 11 against Sri Lanka in the semi final of T20 World Cup 2012.

Pakistan Needs To Improve Batting and Fast Bowling

Like 2010 T20 World Cup this time once again Pakistan lost in the semi final of T20 World Cup 2012 by Sri Lanka and got knocked out of the tournament. Pakistan's spin bowlers are performing very well which helped Pakistan to win several matches but there are some departments which are really a matter of concerns.

Chances of Sri Lanka Cricket Team Tour to Pakistan Increased

Sri Lankan Cricket team was attacked several years ago in Lahore Pakistan during their tour by terrorists in which Sri Lankan team remain saved but 8 Pakistanis lost their lives. After that attack International Cricket was completely ended in Pakistan. No International team was ready to come Pakistan after that.