Call Rates To Pakistan From Other Countries Goes Up 500%

Perhaps there is no part of Pakistan society which has not faced trouble by the acts of present corrupt Zardari Government.

Corruption, Inflation, Lawlessness this is what present Government has given us. Now there is a bad news for those Pakistanis as well who are living in the foreign countries like US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Germany that Call Rates from Foreign Countries to Pakistan are now increased up to 500%.

These Pakistanis sends every month millions of dollars to Pakistan that are vital for Pakistani economy but now these Pakistanis will even face trouble for talking to their loved ones in Pakistan.

Those People who where paying 3 to 6 cents to call from UK to Pakistan will now have to pay 24 cents every minute. Similarly to call from other countries people will now have to pay massive money.

Pakistani people have strongly opposed this step of Government and demanded to take this increase in call rates back. After increase in call rates use of Internet services like Skype is expected to increase.