Eid Ul Adha Will Be On 27th October 2012 In Pakistan

The Islamic month of Zul Hijjah is already underway as its moon was sighted earlier this week after which zonal committee announced that Eid Ul Adha will be celebrated on Saturday 27th October 2012 across Pakistan.

Eid Ul Adha is celebrated on 10th date of Islamic month Zul Hijjah after Hajj is performed in Makkah Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia the Eid Ul Adha will be on Friday 26th October 2012.

Preparations for Eid are already underway in Pakistan and rush in markets is growing for Eid Shopping. People are also going to Animals markets for buying Goats, Cows, Bulls and other animals for sacrifice on Eid.

People are complaining that prices of animals are very high this year and it is impossible for a poor man to buy a animal. Its also not easy to for middle class to buy separate animals that is why most of them are keeping parts in Cows and bulls.