Is T20 The Future of Cricket?

Cricket is a century old sport which started first of all in format of Test. Later on ODI format was introduced in Cricket which remained very popular for almost two decades. But the latest exciting format that is introduced in the International Cricket in last few years is known as T20.

It seems like T20 is really getting popular leaving other formats like Test and ODI behind. In test format a match continues for 5 days and many a times result comes in draw. ODI format match takes almost 11 to 12 hours but a T20 match ends just in 3 hours that is also full of enjoyment.

In T20 cricket we see big shots being played by Batsmen, wicket falling quickly, game changing within few overs. all these factors makes T20 cricket very exciting. Recently T20 world cup was held in Sri Lanka which broken all old records of viewership.

So all these factors are making it clear that T20 is the future of cricket which can even kill other formats. Some former Cricketers thinks that T20 cricket is harmful for Test and ODI which according to them is real Cricket.others says time of Test and ODI is over and now and future belongs to T20.