Marriage Problems in Pakistan

Marriage is a beautiful relationship which unites two people for their lifetime. Every person wishes to find a good life partner with whom he/she can spend the life happily. But now a days Problems before and after marriage are growing very much in Pakistan's society such as Divorces, fights, dowry demands.

1 First of all finding good life partners have became very tough now a days. Fraud is very common. Everyone wants Beautiful and rich life partner.

2 Another problem of Marriages is high spending on the marriage. Islam Makes marriage simple but we have made it so complicated and expensive that poor and middle class people can't afford it.

3 Third problem of marriages is demanding high amount of dowry from Girl's family. There is no place for dowry In Islam but we have made it a must part of marriage which puts lot of pressure on Girl's family/

4 Fights resulting in divorces is also now common early after marriages in Pakistan. These days Patience have ended and greediness is growing among people which results in divorces.

Muslim societies are known for their good joint family system but sadly we are going towards destruction by hurting the institution of marriage.