FBR Is Planning To Tax Google in Pakistan

According to official Facebook page of FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) its preparing to impose Tax on the Search Engine Giant Google in Pakistan on the profit it earns.

Young Martyrs of Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army has always given great sacrifices for the protection of Pakistan from its enemies. Following are some brave Martyrs of Pakistan Army.

Boy Dies After Jumping From Building To Be Saved By Fire in Karachi

People of Pakistan seen a heartbreaking scene yesterday on TV Channels when a Boy was shown jumping from a large building of Karachi to save himself from the fire which was spread inside building.

6 Best Places To Live In Lahore

Lahore is the second biggest city of Pakistan after Karachi with a estimated population of 1 crore people. More and more people are moving to Lahore from Punjab and other provinces for living there because it has better facilities of Education and health as compare to other cities.

India Secular and Democratic? What a lie

How often we hear this In Indian media and by Indian leaders that India is a secular and Democratic country where everyone is having freedom. I would call it one of the biggest lie of our times.

Funny Side of Pakistan in Photos

We listen so many negative things about our Country Pakistan but there are many good as well funny things as well about Pakistan. Following we are showing you Funny Side of Pakistan in Photos.

Pakistani Rupee Continues To Lose Value For Dollar

Pakistani Economy is really bad shape from last 4 years due to various reasons. Present Government has played major role in destroying Pakistani economy by doing corruption of billions in various sectors.

Rat Bites New Born Baby In Rawalpindi's Hospital

Although its common to hear unbelievable news from our beloved country Pakistan time to time but yesterday i heard a news that really shocked me.

One Year of American Forces Attack On Salala

Today On Monday 26th November one year of American Forces attack on Salala check point near Afghan border is over in which 24 Pakistan Army soldiers where martyred.

Find a Life Partner In Pakistan, Pakistan Matrimonial

Most of Population in Pakistan is below the age of 25 which means lot of people are looking to get married. Many people specially girls are also having problems in finding the good life partners for themselves in Pakistan.

Pakistani Flowers Kinds With Pics

Following are different beautiful Pakistani Flowers Kinds With Pics.

Series Against India Will Not Be Easy For Pakistan: Wasim Akram

Former Pakistani Legend Cricketer and Captain Wasim Akram has said that Series against India will not be easy for Pakistan because it is taking place on India's home ground.

Google Pakistan and Many Other Sites Hacked

Google Pakistan's official website Google.Com.Pk became inaccessible on Saturday after it was hacked by a hacker group named EBOZ.

Only 500 Pakistanis Allowed To Go India For Cricket Series

Pakistan Cricket team is going on Tour of India at end of next month December where it will be playing 5 T20 and ODI matches with the historic rivals.

No Need Of Operation In Karachi: General Kayani

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani said on Thursday that there is no need of army operation in Karachi and Rangers are doing a fine job to bring peace in the city.

Imran Khan Meets Top Business Personalities

Chairman Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan Met Top Business Personalities of Islamabad on Friday Evening.

Ajmal Kasab Was Not From Faridkot

Indian Government announced on Wednesday that Ajmal Kasab man responsible for Mumbai attacks of 2008 was hanged yesterday morning in Pune Jail. Ajmal Kasab is hanged after 4 years of Mumbai attacks. from 2008 some elements are claiming that Ajmal belonged to a village Faridkot while many says Ajmal was not from Faridkot.

My Lovely Lahore

Lahore is one of the largest city of Pakistan and capital of Pakistan's province Punjab. Its a big historic city with many amazing places. In recent years this city has spread greatly and its population is now more than 10 million.

Double Standards of Obama

Double Standards of United States President Barack Obama about targeting a country.

PTA Finally Banned Night Packages Indeed

From some months we where hearing rumors that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority may ban all night Mobile packages soon and finally it happened this week when PTA ordered all the Mobile network companies to close all the night packages.

Messi and Ronaldo Also Supports Palestine Gaza

Without any doubt Messi and Ronaldo are two of the best footballers of the present time. They are not just good Footballers but also good humans and the proof of it is that both of them supports Palestine cause.

Pakistani Villages Life

A Very Large Population of Pakistan lives in Villages. There are thousands of Villages in Pakistan located with all the cities in different areas. People of these villages mostly lives on agriculture. Following are some photos showing Villages life of Pakistan.

Major Problems For Pakistan In 2013

Pakistan is going through tough time and even more sad thing is that in this tough situation the Government we have is corrupt, dishonest and incapble of solving the problems. People have completely lost the hopes with this PPP Govenment.

Top Pakistani Android Apps

Android is one of the most popular Mobile Operating System which has became very popular now a days. Here in Pakistan as well Android powered Smartphones are getting sold very commonly.

Israel Is a Terrorist Country: Tayyip Erdogan

From last week Israel is continuing to bombard Gaza with Air Strikes which is resulting in massive civilian deaths of Palestinian Men, women and babies. Palestinian Buildings are also getting destroyed in open terrorism of Israeli state.

Chitral Valley Of Pakistan Photos

Chitral is a beautiful Valley located in KP Province of Pakistan. Following are its photos.

Keeping Peace In Pakistan During Muharram 2012

New Islamic year 1434 has started whose 1st month is Muharram during which Hazrat Hussain R.A was martyred. Its considered a sensitive month and unrest is often seen in Pakistan during this month in the past years.

Top 5 Businesses To Start In Pakistan With Less Investment

Pakistan is a country of 18 crore people and considered a very good place for doing business. although in last few years Pakistani economy has faced trouble due to law and order and corruption but still Pakistan is not a bad place to do a business.

Israel Even Destroys Palestinian Ambulances

Israel continues to attack Civilian Population and buildings of Gaza with Air Strikes which is resulting in deaths of dozens of innocent Men, Women and babies. You would be surprised to know that Israel is not even leaving Palestinian Ambulances.

Anti Muslim Indian Leader Bal Thackeray Passes Away

Indian Anti Muslim Politician and founder of Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray has passed away on Saturday at the age of 86 In Mumbai. After the death of Bal Thackeray life stopped in Mumbai and shops, offices where closed down.

Gaza After Israeli Attack Photos

Israeli is once again showing its terrorism by attacking Civilians of Gaza. Following are some photos of Gaza after Israeli attack which shows the destruction.

Israeli Attack On Gaza Kills Dozens Including Babies

Israel which is involved in occupying of Palestinian Land and killing thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians has once again launched attack on Gaza resulting in deaths of Dozens of Civilians including many babies. Hundreds of people are also injured in Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza.

Wives of Pakistani Cricketers

Pakistani Cricketers are most popular celebrities in the country. Not just Cricketers must there wives are also very popular. Following are wives of different Pakistani Cricketers.

Ishq E Memnu Drama Gets Popular In Pakistan

A Turkish Drama Serial Aşk-ı Memnu is getting telecasted in Pakistan these days with name of Ishq E Memnu in Urdu Language on Urdu 1 Channel. This Drama has got attention of the Pakistani fans and it is getting very high TRP in Pakistan these days.

Simplicity of Imran Khan In Photos

Chairman of Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan has got massive popularity in Pakistan in last couple of years specially the Youth of Pakistan loves him. Imran Khan won World Cup for Pakistan. Then the made the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.

Best Eating Places In Lahore

I think most of us love to eat. People of Pakistan specially Lahoris loves to eat outside with their families and friends. Spicy foods like BBQ and Karahi are favourite foods of people of Lahore. There are many amazing Eating places in Lahore where people loves to go regularly to enjoy these foods.

What is Actually Happening In Karachi?

Karachi Is the largest City of Pakistan and one of the largest in whole world with a population near 2 crore. Karachi is also known as business hub of Pakistan. In Karachi people of various Ethnicities like Urdu Speaking, Pashtun, Punjabi are living.

Youtube Reopens In Pakistan

Many Internet users in Pakistan are reporting that they are able to access Video sharing website Youtube in Pakistan On Monday evening. Youtube was blocked in Pakistan several months ago by PTA on Government orders over a blasphemous movie.

7 Alive Pakistanis Whom I Like

Pakistan is a great country with many great people. Pakistan's history has produced many great people in different fields. Today i am going to share list of 10 Alive Pakistanis whom i really like for different reasons.

Zardari PPP Will Win 2013 Elections Again

Most of you would be shocked to see the title of this post that Peoples Party will win the 2013 Elections of Pakistan. Well its my point of view and there is a reason for that.

Adnan Akmal Has Also Got Married

Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal and Adnan Akmal are three brothers and all of them are also cricketers who have played International Cricket for Pakistan.

Iqbal Day Photos

Allama Iqbal is National poet of Pakistan and one of the best poet of all time. His poetry played very important role in wakening Muslims of Subcontinent to get freedom. Iqbal Day is celebrated every year in Pakistan on 9th November because on this day Allama Iqbal was born.

Nokia Asha 311 In Pakistan

Nokia Asha 311 is a very good less priced Smart Phone having full touchscreen and good features. it runs on Series 40 Operating System. It was launched earlier in 2012 and now is available in many parts of the world.

US Elections 2012 In Photos

American Elections 2012 In Photos which are won by Obama.

Barack Obama Becomes US President Again

American President From Democratic Party Barack Hussain Obama is re-elected as the US President for another four years by defeating Republican nominee Mitt Romney in US Elections 2012.

Schedule of Pakistan Vs India Series December 2012

Next Month Pakistan will be touring India to play Cricket series of five matches which includes 2 T20s and 3 ODIs. This series will start from 25 December to 2012 and end on 6 January 2013.

Pakistani Team Will Get Full Security: Indian Government

Cricket ties between two historic rivals Pakistan and India are finally going to resume next month December when Pakistan Cricket team will be going to India to play T20 and ODI series. Pakistan and India are going to play a series after almost 4 years.

Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

Youtube is the best Video sharing website on the internet which gets huge traffic daily on various videos. from sometime Youtube is blocked in Pakistan. It was blocked when a blasphemous video against our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW was posted by someone on Youtube.

Pakistan is Facing Tough Time: Army Chief Kayani

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has said that Pakistan is going through tough time and we need to get united as one nation in this situation. General Kayani was addressing in GHQ with army officers.

How Pakistanis Wastes Time On Facebook Social Media?

On Internet Pakistanis loves to use various social media sites specially the Facebook which has more than a billion users now worldwide. infect Pakistanis wastes their lot of time on Social sites daily which keeps them away from doing productive work.

Take a Look At New Windows 8 (Photos)

Take a Look At New Windows 8 new Operating system launched by Microsoft at end of October 2012.

5 Ways To Find Jobs in Pakistan

Unemployment is a major problem of Pakistan and millions of Youngsters are having trouble in finding good jobs even after getting good degrees with good marks. There are many reasons due to which Youngsters are not getting proper Jobs and one reason for it is that they don't know the proper ways to find Jobs in Pakistan.

Sikandar Sanam Is No More

In last one year Pakistan has lost many amazing Actors specially stage actors. This week we lost another great Actor of Stage Sikandar Sanam who was suffering from liver cancer which was diagnosed in September after which was admitted to hospital in Karachi.

Pakistan Army New Wallpapers Photos 2012

Pakistan Army New Wallpapers Photos 2012 Fresh collection. All the lovers of Pakistan Army can download these wallpapers for their desktop.

Nargis Will Not Do Mujra anymore

Famous Pakistani Actress Nargis who spent more than two decades in Pakistani Film Industry Lollywood and got popular for doing Mujra has finally announced to leave to showbiz completely.

Salman Khan Shows Support For Pakistan's Imran Khan

Famous Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan has shown his support for Pakistan's Political Leader Imran Khan who was recently detained on US Airport for his campaign against the US Drone Strikes.

Night Call Packages To Be Ended In Pakistan

There are around 5 Mobile Network companies in Pakistan which have introduced many cheap Night call packages which costs just 2,3 to Rs to talk for an hour. These night packages have became very popular among young girls and boys who uses them to talk all night with each other.

Pakistan Navy New Pictures 2012

Pakistan Navy New Pictures Photos 2012 that is one of the best Navy in World.

Top Tablets Available In Pakistan

Tablet is a new technology after Laptops and Smart Phone Mobiles that is getting popular very quickly in the world in recent years. Apple was first company to launch a tablet named Apple iPad after which lot of company made Tablet PCs.